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Na’Vi Removed Goblak, Replacement Still TBA

30d ago - With a month left to the first invites, it seems that the team has opted to take the drastic acti... | PC

Cities: Skylines Mod That Lets You Fly Through Your City… IN A PLANE

30d ago - Cities: Skylines got a brand new mod thta let's you fly through your city by the hands of a plane. | PC

Bloodborne (PS4) Review

Now - Ken steps into the world of Bloodborne, prepared to die. | Promoted post

Gabe Newell hints Valve is working on…something

36d ago - Gabe Newell revealed Valve is working on something and addresses Half-Life 3 | PC

Valve's Newell: 'iPhone should be more like the PC'

36d ago - The rest of the games industry should follow the lead of PC and tear down their walled gardens, a... | PC

Weekly Game Deals: March 18, 2015

37d ago - Continue Play's deals for the week of March 18th, 2015. "There’s a wide range of items for your b... | PC

Valve Explains Why It Went Into Hardware

38d ago - Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell and business development lead Erik Johnson hav... | Industry

Steam service users must now disclose paid endorsements

38d ago - Valve has made a number of changes to the Steam Subscriber Agreement today, chief among them a ne... | PC

Valve & HTC's Vive Confirmed for VRLA Spring Expo

38d ago - VRFocus reports on the announcement that HTC & Valve's Vive will be playable at this weekend's VR... | PC

Valve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems - and poses bigger questions

40d ago - Oli Welsh at Eurogamer: "At this week's EGX Rezzed show in London, I had one of those experien... | PC

Is November the Month Consoles Die?

42d ago - Forget the console wars, the battle for living room supremacy is going to really heat up in Novem... | PC

Portal Tech-Demo Revealed on Source Engine 2 Using HTC Vive, Is Half Life 3 Possible Now?

42d ago - HTC own Virtual Reality headset is under development in co-production by both HTC and Valve Corp... | PC

Valve Is Not Psyched They Got An 'F' In Customer Service

43d ago - Not too long ago, I stumbled across a curious fact: Valve, maker of the world's biggest PC gaming... | Industry

More Regional Restrictions come to Steam

43d ago - More regional restrictions come to Steam in order to combat Steam gift reselling between regions... | PC

Is The Steam Controller The Future?

43d ago - From EGMR, "Last week, I wrote about the top 5 worst controllers throughout the evolution of gami... | PC

Will VR be big, is no longer a question

44d ago - Extraquarter -"Despite all the positive energy and hype surrounding VR, in the back of my mind, a... | PC

Valve: “we need to spend more time explaining things to users”

46d ago - With a long history of connecting with its fans simply by bringing a high quality product, Valve... | Industry

Yes, Valve Knows They're Terrible At Talking To Fans

46d ago - Valve does a lot of things right, but they also have a reputation for leaving fans in the dark. W... | Industry

Yep, Valve Is Experimenting With Half-Life In VR

47d ago - Valve's virtual reality demo at the Game Developers Conference melted my brain. Afterward, my min... | Industry

GDC 2015: Gabe Newell Talks About Growth of PCs, Source 2, Steam Link, and More [Video]

47d ago - Valve certainly turned heads with its SteamVR experience and other announcements about Source 2 a... | PC

A Matter of Control

47d ago - At the Game Developers Conference, it’s easy to imagine what virtual reality will look like when... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Five Best Announcements Out of GDC

47d ago - Kevin from Denkiphile: "The annual Game Developer’s Conference is an industry-focused convention... | Android

Too many Steam Machines are just overpriced consoles

48d ago - GT: or all the novelty and newness Valve dropped at GDC, the company has yet to overcome the issu... | PC

"It Was Absolutely Magical," Gears of War Creator Says About Valve's VR

48d ago - "I felt like the first time I went to Disneyland," Cliff Bleszinski says regarding Vive today at... | Industry

New Steam hack threatens users

48d ago - Users found a security breach allowing hackers to take control over your account. | PC

Steam Machines And Their Identity Crisis

49d ago - AsidCast says, " Not long ago, Steam Machines appeared as revolutionary concept, bringing Steam a... | PC