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Devil's Third Low Retail Stock Leads To Scalpers Selling Overpriced Copies

56d ago - We sincerely hope no one is willing to pay these prices for the game - but it does have fans, so... | Wii U

Devil's Third: Itagaki Thanks Everyone For Playing, Values The Feedback

162d ago - Itagaki admits much of the poor reviews has fair and constructive criticism. | PC

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Devil's Third Details Emerge At Launch, Nicovideo Livestream Ongoing

189d ago - The livestream has a special surprise guest in Yu Suzuki. | PC

Devil's Third Famitsu Interview Gets Official Translation: Gekken, User Friendliness, And More

198d ago - Partnering with Nintendo allowed Valhalla to keep working on the game while staying intact. | PC

Devil's Third Dev Valhalla Ported Unreal Engine 3 To Wii U On Their Own

202d ago - Itagaki says Epic gave them UE3's source code, and left them to port the game on their own. | Wii U

Devil's Third Coming To Wii U US Q4, Valhalla Publishing PC Version

204d ago - And yes, Nintendo and Nintendo alone are publishing the game to Wii U. | PC

Itagaki Blames Devil’s Third Criticism on Poor Player Skill

206d ago - Valhalla Game Studios director Tomonobu Itagaki says poor initial criticism of Wii U exclusive De... | Wii U

Devil's Third: Itagaki Tells All On Game Specs, Multiplayer Will Host Tens Of Thousands

208d ago - Itagaki’s statements are an interesting reaction to the previews that came earlier this week. | Wii U

Devil's Third Dev Bashes Rumors by Saying "World Brims Over with Lies"

214d ago - So Devil's Third may not be published by Nintendo. Or maybe it is, who knows anymore. | Wii U

Devil's Third's Itagaki Tells Fans To Calm Down Post E3, He 'Will Do It'

233d ago - The developer has broken his silence after his game was a complete no-show at this year's E3. | Wii U

Valhalla and Doobic game Studios Are Working Together

1292d ago - Valhalla Game Studios announced today that it has entered into a technical collaboration contract... | PC
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