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User Review : Unreal Tournament III

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Unreal Tournament III Review

While the PLAYSTATION 3 has garnered an image of going through rough growing pains through it's first year of launch. It has received a decent share of good gems throughout it's first year of sales. Unreal Tournament is no exception.

For those who are expecting a deep single player campaign, you may be dissapointed. The storyline is pretty basic and to be honest, very bland. However, for those who feel the need to complete the single player campaign, Epic Games did provide a Co-Op mode for campaign mode.

The bread and butter of Unreal Tournament series has always been it's online multiplayer. Unreal Tournament III is no different to this. The servers are very easy to find a game, and the interface is managable. The core gameplay is very fast and ferocius. You will soon find that if you stand still for more than 3 seconds, you will be fragged in an instant. What will turn the casual FPS gamer on to Unreal Tournament is the simple fact that it's very easy to pick up and play. But it is hard to master. With the unreal engine III, gamers are also able to create maps and content and upload to the PLAYSTATION 3 servers. This feature alone can increase the longevity of this game significantly.

The graphics are stunning. Made by the same developers as Gears of War, I wouldnt expect anything less out of Unreal Tournament III. Environments are detailed, textures are detailed, overall it looks as good as it plays.

There are some gripes with the game however. I was dissapointed that in order to have multiplayer on UTIII, you must have more than one PLAYSTATION 3 or you must play online. There is no option for splitscreen play. Which may turn some gamers off from buying this gem in general. Also, it's a hassle to get decent mic support to function. Hopefully this will be fixed with a patch.

Controls are very intuitive with the PS3 Sixaxis controller. But if it's not your cup of tea, you are more than welcomed to have the PC experience with Keyboard and Mouse support.
Arguably one of the best graphical games released this generation. Definately on par with what you see in Gears of War.
The sound works. Weapons sound like they should. Background music blends well with the pace of the game. The only reason I subtracted points is due to microphone support being so poor at times.
Fun Factor
Simply put, it's fun. It's easy to pick up and play, hard to master. After the satisfaction of getting a few kills and possibly winning some matches, you will find yourself immersed in this game deeply. With the user created content, the replay value contributes to the fun factor.
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WilliamRLBaker3778d ago

so many spelling mistakes and not a one fixed...*shakes head*

Stubacca3735d ago

You sum up very well.

The most disappointing thing is the lack of 4-player split screen or even 2-player split-screen.

But I too would give it a solid 9 as well. Simply because of all the amazing mods and maps you can download straight to your PS3.

Good Review.