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Unreal Engine 4 Gains Nvidia GameWorks VR Integration

17d ago - Maximum PC: Nvidia has partnered up with Epic Games to integrate its GameWorks VR technology, inc... | Industry

Everest VR will bring you to the summit with Unreal Engine 4

18d ago - Now that Samsung and Oculus are really, truly bringing their VR headsets to stores, content creat... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Mario Kart Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 With Multiplayer Support - Available Now For Download

23d ago - DSOGaming writes: "And the time has finally come. CryZENx has released his Mario Kart Multiplayer... | PC

Epic Releases Preview 4 for Unreal Engine 4.10, VR Fixes Made

25d ago - VRFocus - Developers working with Epic Games popular videogame development middleware Unreal Engi... | PC

John Wick: The VR Experience Built with Unreal Engine 4

29d ago - Earlier this week VRFocus got hands-on with the first preview build of WEVR’s John Wick: The VR E... | PC

Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses Unreal Engine 4 Remake Now Available For Download

30d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday we informed you about the completion of Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Mo... | PC

Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Mosses In Unreal Engine 4 Finished, New Beautiful Screenshots Unveiled

31d ago - YouTube's 'iRam Gamer' is currently recreating Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Mosses in Unreal Engine... | PC

Unreal Engine 4.10 Update Preview Now Available

45d ago - Epic Games has today released a preview build of the forthcoming Unreal Engine 4.10. This first t... | PC

Mario Kart In Unreal Engine 4 Is Kind Of Cool, Download Now Available

46d ago - CryZENx has been working on a Mario Kart project in Unreal Engine 4, and has made his standalone... | PC

Half Life 2's City 17 Apartment In Unreal Engine 4 Will Be Available For Download, New Screenshots

56d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Back in August, Polycount’s member ‘PogoP’ shared a set of screenshots from hi... | PC

Unreal Engine 4.9 - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Fan Tech Demo - Available For Download

65d ago - CryZENx has released a new fan tech demo for Unreal Engine 4 that is based on The Legend of Zelda... | PC

Outer Heaven Is A Fan Remake Of The Original Metal Gear In Unreal Engine 4

70d ago - Ever wondered what the original Metal Gear game from MSX would look like in a modern-day engine?... | PC

Unreal Engine 4.9 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Dark Young Link DX12 Tech Demo Available

73d ago - CryZENx has been experimenting with various “Link” 3D models in Unreal Engine 4.9 these past few... | PC

CCP Games' Gunjack using Unreal Engine 4

74d ago - VRFocus reports on Epic Games revealing in a recent blog post that its Unreal Engine 4 is being u... | Android

Unreal Engine 4.10 to Make PlayStation Move Development 'much easier'

74d ago - VRFocus - Motion controllers are set to play a big part in virtual reality's (VR's) near future.... | PS4

Infinity Blade assets free on Unreal Engine Marketplace

77d ago - Epic Games reveals alongside Infinity Blade III becoming free, the assets will be free for Unreal... | Dev

Unreal Engine 4 Tittle Project HIT Name Changed to Heroes of Incredible Tales

79d ago - Nexon Korea Corporation, a subsidiary under Nexon, has just announced that the company will team... | iPhone

Unreal Engine 4.10 to Bring 'Universal Motion Controller Implementation'

80d ago - VRFocus reports on the revelation that the next update for Unreal Engine 4, .10, will bring 'univ... | PC

Unreal Engine 4.9 Is Now Available, Supports DirectX 12 & Improved Distance Field Ambient Occlusion

89d ago - Epic Games has released a new version of the Unreal Engine 4 to all developers. This latest versi... | PC

Dutch VR, Unreal Engine 4 Meetups Combine for Event Next Month

98d ago - One of the most popular videogame development engines for those creating virtual reality (VR) exp... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Unreal Engine 4.9 - DX12 Tech Demo - Sun Temple Demo Combined With Metroid Prime Fan Project

100d ago - CryZENx has released a new DirectX 12 fan tech demo for Unreal Engine 4. This time, CryZENx combi... | PC

Unreal Engine 4 - Incredibly Detailed House Interior Demo Available For Download

113d ago - CryZENx has released a new demo for Unreal Engine 4, based on a house interior. | PC

Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Tech Demo Ported To DirectX 12, Available For Download

113d ago - Even though Crytek and Epic Games have not released any DX12 as of yet, CryZENx has ported Unreal... | PC

Epic Showcasing Unreal Engine 4 VR at SIGGRAPH 2015

121d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Epic Games is heading to SIGGRAPH 2015 with plenty of virtual re... | Industry

Unreal Engine 4 - New Demo Lets You Control Mario, Sonic, Link & Kirby In NVIDIA's PhysX Flex Map

121d ago - After releasing a number of videos, showcasing various characters in Unreal Engine 4, CryZENx dec... | PC
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