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Unreal Engine 4 Interviews  

Real Boxing 2 CREED™ Doesn't Pull Any Punches

8d ago - A look at Vivid Games are utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4 to deliver the knockout punch Ro... | iPhone

Bullet Train Epic Games Ray Davis Interview

59d ago - Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 guru Ray Davis discusses the new Bullet Train Oculus Rift gameplay dem... | PC

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Epic Games and VR: From Past to Present and Beyond with Tim Sweeney

65d ago - VRFocus - Over the past few years Epic Games has doubled down on its Unreal Engine middleware. Co... | PC

In the game engine wars, Epic and Unity aim at enabling VR

104d ago - GB: Epic Games and Unity Technologies are in a battle for the hearts and minds of game developer... | PC

Cyanide on Styx, PC, PS4/XB1 & UE4

412d ago - "We talked with Project Manager Guillaume Blanchard about Styx: Master of Shadows, but also of th... | PC

How Unreal Engine is changing for the new generation

449d ago - games™ caught up with the engine’s lead programmer, James Golding, to talk about its success, its... | PC

INTERVIEW | Epic Games on the new UK studio, UT’s development, & Unreal Engine 4’s strengths

450d ago - At this year's Gamescom, Dealspwn's Carl Phillips sat down with three members of Epic Games - Tec... | Dev

Fable Legends John Needham Discusses New Technology

479d ago - Lionhead Studios head John Needham talks about the role Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 technology has... | Xbox One

Skara Dev: Unreal Engine 4 Allows Astonishing Visuals, Is Fast And Agile

513d ago - "We've just published a new interview with Cesar Ortega about Skara, the Unreal Engine 4 powered... | PC

Unreal Diaries: Opening up Unreal Engine 4

550d ago - Tim Sweeney discusses the firm's new approach to game development. “Unreal Engine 4 has launc... | Dev

Zombie Studios Head Jared Gerritzen Sheds Daylight On Unreal Engine 4 PC Game

962d ago - Zombie Studios has banked on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology for years. The studio is workin... | PC

Mark Rein: 'We're more Epic than we've ever been'

971d ago - Following Epic's impressive Infiltrator demo, which was one of the stand-out demonstrations of ne... | PC

Epic goes all-in on HTML5 with UE4 support

971d ago - GamaSutra - As part of a string of announcements centered around its upcoming Unreal Engine 4, Ep... | Culture

Unreal Engine 4: ‘we don’t feel beaten by other engines’ – Epic

1155d ago - Unreal Engine 4 developer Epic Games has told VG247 why it doesn’t feel threatened by other engin... | PC

Next Gen Will Scale Between Mobile Devices Says Epic’s Mark Rein

1203d ago - X360: Xbox 720 and next gen rumours are rife, but what do games industry leaders think of the pot... | PC

Epic senior technical artist Alan Willard talks Unreal Engine 4 for next-gen consoles

1268d ago - There's no PS4 or Xbox 720 behind the curtain, Alan Willard assures a dark room full of eager vid... | Next-Gen

Exclusive Interview: Tim Sweeney On Unreal Engine 4

1269d ago - GF:There's a holy grail in every industry. For energy, it's nuclear fusion; for medicine, it's a... | PC

Epic's Mark Rein: 'Triple-A gaming is what we're about - we need platforms to empower that'

1348d ago - CVG: Gears of War dev discusses Unreal Engine 4 and the future of gaming... | PC

Epic Games' next-gen manifesto

1492d ago - Company president Mike Capps discusses how future technology fits Epic's masterplan. | PC

Epic Games: 'We Want Next-Gen Consoles To Step Up'

1719d ago - NowGamer: Gears Of War 3's executive producer, Rod Fergusson, issues a challenge to Sony and Micr... | PC

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