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Real Boxing 2 CREED™ Doesn't Pull Any Punches

4d ago | Interview | A look at Vivid Games are utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4 to deliver the knockout punch Ro...

Everest VR will bring you to the summit with Unreal Engine 4

15d ago | News | Now that Samsung and Oculus are really, truly bringing their VR headsets to stores, content creat...

Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Mosses In Unreal Engine 4 Finished, New Beautiful Screenshots Unveiled

28d ago | News | YouTube's 'iRam Gamer' is currently recreating Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Mosses in Unreal Engine 4, and announced today that his map has been finished.

Mario Kart Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 With Multiplayer Support - Available Now For Download

20d ago | News | DSOGaming writes: "And the time has finally come. CryZENx has released his Mario Kart Multiplayer project in Unreal Engine 4.10. We strongly suggest downloading while the link is still live."

John Wick: The VR Experience Built with Unreal Engine 4

25d ago | News | Earlier this week VRFocus got hands-on with the first preview build of WEVR’s John Wick: The VR E...

Unreal Engine 4 Gains Nvidia GameWorks VR Integration

13d ago | News | Maximum PC: Nvidia has partnered up with Epic Games to integrate its GameWorks VR technology, inc...

Epic Releases Preview 4 for Unreal Engine 4.10, VR Fixes Made

21d ago | News | VRFocus - Developers working with Epic Games popular videogame development middleware Unreal Engi...
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