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Unepic Review - PwnEm

38d ago - With a title like that, it doesn't sound too promising but if you're into RPGs, this adventure is... | Wii U

Unepic review [Nintendo Insider]

44d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: Mocked by his friends for his lack of understanding the intricacies o... | Wii U

Unepic (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

56d ago - "It's not the best thing on the Wii U eShop but Unepic is a fun title that you'll enjoy for the g... | Wii U

Unepic Review | PixelPerfectGaming

67d ago - Developed by Francisco Téllez de Meneses, Unepic is a 2D metrovania role-playing game that places... | Wii U

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UnEpic Review | Z-Giochi

68d ago - Daniel was just an average guy. He was a great videogame player, a big fan of sci-fi movies and a... | PC

Unepic - Wii U Review | Gamereactor UK

73d ago - GR-UK writes: "It starts with Daniel, our protagonist, playing tabletop D&D with his friends. Mid... | PC

Unepic Wii U Review | RGN

78d ago - Matt of RGN writes, "Unepic is a melding pot of platforming, RPG, and dungeon crawling games. It... | PC

Unepic (Wii U) Review - JumpToGamer

78d ago - Having recently released on the Wii U’s eShop, Unepic seems like a standard action RPG platformer... | Wii U

Metroidvania Meets Cheeky Writing: Unepic Review | Nintendo Enthusiast

79d ago - "Unepic is a liar. There — I said it. Why is it a liar? Well, look at the name — the game implies... | Wii U

Review: Unepic (Pure Nintendo)

79d ago - Pure Nintendo 'Double Review': Justin 'J Money' Hinton, "Unepic is a joy to play and there is... | Wii U

Unepic Review | Mini Fortress

80d ago - Mini Fortress writes: "Unepic tells the story of a normal guy named Daniel who stumbles upon a... | Wii U

Unepic Review: Almost overwhelming | GamerTell

85d ago - From the review, "Unepic is a game that has its moments. I think it definitely is the kind of gam... | Wii U

Diehard GameFAN: Unepic Review (Nintendo Wii U)

87d ago - DHGF: Unepic comes to the Wii U with the promise of the conveniences the platform can provide, bu... | Wii U

Robots Review "UNepic" - WeLiveFilm.com

93d ago - The Ranting Robots review "Unepic" for the Wii U. | Wii U

UnEpic - Review (PC) | CriticalIndieGamer

256d ago - It's challenging to find flaws in my experiences with UnEpic. Both the graphics and sound do what... | PC

Unepic – Indie Review | Ogre Jungle

260d ago - Ogre Jungle has ripped through the Unepic indie RPG and defeated our enemies within Harnakon's ca... | PC

Unepic Review | Gather Your Party

269d ago - Game quality is often subject of opinion but surely bad games exist. It's also tough to describe... | PC

UnEpic Review | Good Game

274d ago - GG writes: This is such a compelling dungeon crawler and the deeper I got into this game, the mor... | PC

Unepic Review | Awesome Games

278d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'Picture this: you're spending an evening with friends playing s... | PC

Unepic Review – Retro Fun, Modern Wit | Entertainment Buddha

284d ago - During my time with Unepic, I slew countless enemies, stumbled upon tons of great loot, and laugh... | PC

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Unepic Review | Spiderduck Network

304d ago - Travis from the Indie Luchador section of the Spiderduck Network reviews Unepic for the PC. | PC

UnEpic Review: The Everyman Goes Platforming | Greenlit Gaming

309d ago - Stephen of Greenlit Gaming writes: "I‘ve been talking about Unepic for a while now. It’ll be obvi... | PC

Presspauseradio.com's Quarter Circle Forward Review: Unepic

420d ago - "Unepic, originally released back in 2011, is currently up for bid on Steam’s Project Greenlight.... | PC
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