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User Review : Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Chart into Uncharted

Naughty Dog has taken a gamble of straying from their past IP's of cartoony platformer to a more realistic approach (environments, characters, etc.) of platforming with the addition of 3rd person shooting with a cover system made popular by the Killswitch & Gears of War franchises.

In Uncharted: Drake's Fortune you assume the role of Nathan Drake who claims he is a descendent of the legendary Sir Frances Drake. You start off by finding an empty casket which were suppose to house the remains of Sir Frances Drake but instead you find a diary that leads you to an uncharted island in the South Pacific.

The first thing you will notice in Uncharted is the amazing visuals of lush green jungle environments to the beautiful scenic vistas off the coast of the island you crash land on. The character models are finely detailed and the textures are very pleasant to look at as well. Naughty Dog has put in a few overlooked details such as Nate's clothes becoming wet when in water (and slowly drying off) as well as the amazing sunlight that literally seeps through the lush vegetation of the jungle environment. The water detail is one of the best I've seen and looks fantastic.

During his adventure, Nate tags along a couple friends. One is his long lifetime friend Sully and the other is Elana, a news reporter who gets caught up in all of this. The characters, both protagonists and antagonists are very deep and rewarding and all have great personal personalities and traits that really bring them to life in the story. It's hard to create such captivating characters for a game that isn't all that lengthy.

The game is split between platforming, puzzle solving and shooting enemies. The pace at which you do all of these is well balanced but I wish there were more puzzle solving aspects and that the puzzles were much harder to solve. The shooting could be tightened up a bit but still good in my opinion. The enemies take quite a lot of bullets to fell and sometimes it's hard to get that headshot in and the aiming isn't very lenient.

The musical score for Uncharted is absolutely fantastic and the use of instruments meshes so well with the environment you are in. I still listen to the Uncharted soundtrack regularly, that's how good I have found the game's score.

There has now been a patch to include the Trophy system for the PS3 so new comers and also fans can experience Uncharted once again and get those trophies to show off what they have accomplished in the game.

All in all, Uncharted is a fantastic new IP from Naughty Dog and I know for a fact that it has many, many people hooked to the franchise. This is a franchise that I hope will have many sequels and build up on the amazing game this first iteration has brought forth for Playstation gamers.

A must play and a game that deserves to be in your game library.

very addictive gameplay and it changes in pace ;)
Amazing graphics and water effects 2nd to none (yet)
Very dramatic and compelling score that suits the game perfectly! I love it so much i bought the soundtrack
Fun Factor
uber fun to play over and over again
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ELite_Ghost3771d ago

why are the graphics only 9.0? you say that they are the best but you only give it a 9.0

mintaro3771d ago

2.0 for online? lol shouldnt it be a N/A because there is none?

meepmoopmeep3771d ago

i gave it a 9 for graphics because i felt there was room for improvement. It definitely has the best water i've ever seen in a game though.

about the online i gave it a 2 because there might be features for it with Home. I guess i sort of didn't understand what online really meant

bootsielon3771d ago

And users. That way high rated user reviews count more, and high rated reviews too. High rated reviews from high rated users are the best you could get and therefore the most worthy of having more weight on a weighted average of the scores.

BTW, this review is so lame. One paragraph? "It takes you in with a stranglehold"? Come on, you can do better than that... I'm not trying to bring you down, I want you to do a better job reviewing games.

meepmoopmeep3771d ago

no worries, i'll do a better one next time boss /sarcasm

this really isn't a review, though i have to agree, it's just a quick jot down of what i thought about the game... expect my future reviews to be more detailed.