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User Review : Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • The Uncharted Formula is here in full effect
  • Frantic and Fantastic Single PLayer
  • Another work of art
  • Uneven pacing and not enough cast screen time
  • Unnecessary platforming deaths still there
  • Too many forced fighting scenes and chase scenes

A great game, but bit of a letdown

Uncharted 2 is easily my favorite and best rated game this generation with MGS4 right behind it. I thoroughly enjoyed the first fame, and loved everything about Uncharted 2, and so I was ecstatic when the third title in the franchise was announced. The anticipation is finally over, and I’ve completed the game. Unfortunately I was not as thrilled as I was after playing Uncharted 2 due to some questionable issues I had with the game, but Uncharted 3 is still a really great game.

Let’s start off with the bad:

The beginning of the game is starts a tad slow after the opening scene. It’s nice to be able to see some history of the cast, but it moves at too slow of a pace IMO. There’s a ton of walking around and exploring which would be great if there was actually exploring rather than the linear scope you have to follow. The game picks up in about an hour and it’s back to smooth sailing from there, at least most of the time.

The fighting mechanics played entirely too much of a role in this game. I can shoot one of those big hulking guys with 128 bullets and not kill him, but 10 punches is enough to knock him out...Yeah makes no since does it. The physical combat was an improvement just forced entirely too much. After a very early part in the game there was no need to force it anymore, that part got the job done.

There are still too many unnecessary platforming deaths, an issue that remains from the second (If I remember correctly the first didn’t have this issue nearly as much). If you don’t want me to jump down there then make the jump look far enough that it would kill me, instead of a 10-foot drop. And in cinematic scenes don’t make things look like you need to jump when you don’t have to. Example conclusion of the French Chateau if you jump there’s a 50 / 50 chance you’ll die when all you have to do is run to the end, and Drake will vault over the obstacles, yet doesn’t do this automatically any other time. Which brings me to my next point.

There are too many chase scenes in this game. Whether it’s running after someone, running from armies, riding after someone, running from some creepy crawlies, or running from nature. It happens too much. I know they’re suppose to be nice set pieces, but there are too many of them.

The pacing was off in this game. Some scenes last entirely too long perfect example the castle. It felt like it was never ending. And at the same time transitions from location to location don’t seem as fluid this time around. There’s little reason why things move from one location to another, and the believability is somewhat dwindled because of this (example after getting off the cruise ship). A reviewer said it best, the game is set-up for its set pieces and the rest of the game is just there to help you progress towards them, before reaching the end, and ultimately makes the game feel a bit non-cohesive.

Finally the graphics. Yes the graphics. Graphically the game is very impressive in most areas, however, some questionable inclusions hurt some of the games visuals. The Prime example is the castle stage in the single player. The castle itself is incredibly detailed, and looks amazing. But then you look off into the distance and see a small city that looks good enough. But look to the left and it’s one huge bland texture with scattered reused buildings from the city all in low res. Why was that even made viewable is beyond me, but it ruins the total beauty of the game when instances like this pop up, thankfully they don’t happen often. All the characters look great except Drake’s face is too detailed with scratches and dirt, and makes him look downright weird at times, like he’s been a bum for all his life, and it won’t wash off.

Finally our heroes don’t get to show as much personality or play enough of a role this time to feel like the cast we all know and love. This is Drake’s story and Sully’s along for the ride and Elena and Chloe are in the back seat. I just feel this was a missed opportunity for us to get to know these characters more, but they drop out of the game like flies.

But even with all these problems, Uncharted 3 still manages to be good, really good.

There are definitely improvements over the previous game. For the most part the game looks absolutely beautiful with special note of the ship yard, Desert chase scene, and entering the lost city (Lost City WOW). Improving over what they did with Uncharted 2 would have been a difficult goal for any developer, but Naughty rose to the challenge. While not visually leaping forward, Uncharted 3 manages to do so much more and still look better than Uncharted 2, which is a huge feat. Animations make the experience seem real.

The story is unexpected, and seems a bit underwhelming at first, but ties everything together in the final couple of chapters.

The gameplay is better then Uncharted 2 on so many levels. It’s just tweaked to a new level.

Multiplayer is better in most regards, and is the greatest improvement in the game; however, I had more fun with Uncharted 2.

I completely understand what reviewers were saying about how they couldn’t get Uncharted 2 out of their head while playing Uncharted 3, and that’s because Uncharted 2 is the better game, and you’re constantly thinking if only they did this, or I wish they had done that better. But don’t think I’m down on Uncharted 3, that’s not the case in any way. I just feel the game could have been better if Naughty Dog waited another year to release it. It would have been polished more, had the pacing fixed, graphics could have been even better than what they are, the story could have been worked on more and told better, the aiming could have been perfected, the fighting to shooting ratio could have been tweaked, some of the areas could have been more open and exploratory. There’s so much they could have done better if only they had another year to work on the game, but that’s not the case. That seems like a lot of bad in this review, but that’s what I decided to focus on, because those of you interested in the game already know how great the franchise is, and Uncharted 3 is a worthy addition to the franchise, just not the leap over Uncharted 2, that we saw in 2009.
Also why is it that Drake and company tries so hard to be careful about finding the location they’re seeking to be followed every single time by the baddies? I know it’s there to keep the action going, but instead of being followed all the time this scenes would be the perfect opportunity to introduce new enemy types.

The open areas like moving through the city should have been what the whole of the game was. That would have been the innovation needed to make this a Game of the Year winner vs. being a forefront contender. The open areas look great, and had you been able to actually maneuver your way to you destination freely vs. the snail paced walking it would have gave something refreshing to the amazing formula Uncharted 2 already provided. More open areas would have made this game stand above and beyond what the final product was (even if limited like in MGS4).

The game is gorgeous 99% of the time, and above 99% of every game released this gen. However, multiplayer graphics are reduced, and some minor ungly's show they're face, but only if you look for them.
The voice work is still top notch and among the best in the industry. The franchise has always had music that fits perfectly, and Uncharted 3 is no exception.
The highlight of the series. The gameplay is still simple and elegant, but adds more layers and refines what was there before.
Fun Factor
I found myself annoyed and frustrated with some of the decisions behind the game, but many of them were cleared as the game progressed.
Co-op is a blast (although I ran into some issues which made my zoom reticule completely disappear during a game and every game after). Competitive Multiplayer is as cinematic as single player and has tons of customization options which will keep fans coming back for more.
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Tachyon_Nova2376d ago

Did you rush this review? It has a lot of mistakes in every paragraph. I agree with your points though.

ABizzel12375d ago

Yeah I was typing it out while I was playing, and trying to get right back into the action. I should have proofread it, besides the quick spell check.

Apologies -_-

Black-Helghast2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

The only disappointing thing in my opinion is that the trailers showed almost every breath-taking scene. In uncharted 2 i was surprised from start to end but in Uncharted 3, I kinda knew what was coming except for Chapter 2.

49erguy2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

As for the MP, I think its FAR inferior to U2. KAL-7 with blind fire accuracy at close range beats me every time when I actually aim at the person's chest dumping the whole clip at them.

I can't count how many times some hip firer was running at me at me spraying everywhere then meleeing me to my death in one hit ALL WHILE I'M AIMING RIGHT AT HIS CHEST NOT MISSING.

I LOVE the SP, especially the 2nd half, but the MP was so much better in U2. I'll take bunny hoppers and pistol exploiters over hip firing matches any day.

BTW, bunny hopping has been replaced with sprinting away and rolling for your life.

Aery2376d ago

While I respect your opinion, I must say I disagree with some points.
Uncharted 2 is not a better game of uncharted 3. There are a plenty of reason, but I understand everybody may have a different perception.

The pace is U3 is incredible and I never found a single, boring moment. It's a matter of level design and U3 is very incredible.

The graphics. You say U3 is above 99% of games, I think it's a straight 100%. The details, the textures, the frame rate, the water and sands, the scale of the game, the shaders, the incredible animation etc etc. There is NO other games in this gen can match U3. For sure.

Online : I start to like more. I think U2 have a better online, but now I'm admit I have a lot more fun !

ABizzel12375d ago

I agree U3 is better in level design, graphics, online in most regards, and understanding Drake.

But IMO Uncharted 2 was the better game. The pacing in U3 was off IMO, some parts were just far to long. Chloe was long for the ride with helicopters firing at her in U2 (even seeing a man get killed), but U3 she drops out after a guy gets hurt.

U3 didn't do the characters justice, and the cast is what really made U2 stand above the others.

U3 is a great game, it just has some annoying minor issues that I felt could have been addressed if they waited until 2012 for U3, where it could have been genre defining rather than a great game.

Kinetix2375d ago

I just finished uc3 earlier today and I am glad I am not the only one that feels the way I do about uc3. They did not include enough of Chloe and Elena, some scenes, especially towards the end, are WAY too reminiscent of uc2.( almost everything in the lost city). IMO hands down uc2 is the better game. There is no scene or segment in uc3 that stands out like the train and helicopter segment. Oh, and didn't we do the whole truck and convoy shoot out before? I love the uncharted series and it's quality and entertainment value puts it above most games out there, but again, uc2>uc3.

ABizzel12375d ago


I agree with you. UC3 is a great game, it does everything right for the most part, but UC2 had the better story, because it had perfect pacing, Chloe became a great addition to the cast, and all of the characters had their shinning moments in UC2. UC3 dropped all that in favor of a more competitive multiplayer, fighting scenes, more set pieces, and tons of customization.

death2smoochie2373d ago

"The graphics. You say U3 is above 99% of games, I think it's a straight 100%. The details, the textures, the frame rate, the water and sands, the scale of the game, the shaders, the incredible animation etc etc. There is NO other games in this gen can match U3. For sure."

I assume you mean CONSOLE games for graphics...
There are PLENTY f low resolution textures in the game for example. It's not perfect in graphics.

r212376d ago

does anyone find it weird that alot of new reviews are about uncharted 3? wheres the MW3, Skyrim, etc reviews?

coolbeans2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I think most will find it overwhelming to make a Skyrim review when considering how there is to do in the game. I'll throw up a MW3 review once it's come through the mail.

Jio2375d ago

I tried to make a skyrim review. Wrote 3 paragraphs just about the opening sequence. It's almost impossible to review without making an entire book.