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User Review : Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Combat System
  • Immersive Narrative
  • Plot Characters
  • Cover System
  • Little offered from Multiplayer

Yeah, I've only just played it, Here be treasarr...

So my first ever review on a game, not that you'll be interested to know that or anything you parasites. But it is ok? It was a few years back when I completed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and even before I did the ending only got ruined for me by a smarmy friend, you know that person that we all know who has to out-do everything you've done? well this is that guy, just thinking about him makes me want to Kansas City shuffle him to oblivion (Apologies if you've never seen Lucky Number Slevin, but I've been trying to use that phrase in some kind of context for Eons) Lets get a move on, Even though I knew the twist before it was coming, I had to appreciate outlandish zombie-like cretins chowing down on Drake's legs before I could hit the reload button. But this review is about Uncharted 2 reviewer person, so enough digression (for now) and get on with it...

Among Thieves seemed to take more of a Michael Bay approach to the franchise with trucks exploding from you simply blind-firing at them whilst constantly moving faster than them, which made me wonder what Drake's cardio sessions consisted of. Rocky chased a chicken, Drake obviously chased a speeding juggernaut, and won. And for all the Tomb Raider fanboys (Yes we know these franchises are practically the same but you still buy the latest sports games don't you?!) there's still the classic CGI misogyny just not in the form of the protagonist, in other words there's still ass, just not Lara Crofts booty. In Uncharted 2 there's two female companions that forever follow you around through the temples of doom and bullet-ridden urban environments, so you are getting more value for your money in that sense you digital perverts. In terms of combat you instantly pick up on many mechanics that have improved since the first game, Hanging off a ledge whilst firing a pistol shows it only takes monkeys to master gun-slinging for this to happen, you heard it here first. It's one of a few games that combine fist and gun fights, and actually pull it off, Obviously Naughty Dog didn't feel like making the next generation Bandicoot shooter: Crash, Bang, Shoot: Cortez Seriously Needs to Stand on a Plug.

I almost forgot about the cunning use of mythology, Drake is on the hunt for Shambhala, known to us mere mortals more commonly as Shagri-La. (You know what it is, you shot some disorientated villagers, built some barriers back up, and wondered why offering imaginary currency to the wall kept coming through and supplying you with ordinance. Must of made WWII like offering GAME stores rice drops at the minute.) But like in good old Uncharted tradition, we have a twist ahead of us, want me to be my like my high-horse friend for a minute? No, because I'm a moral person. We have the classic British and Russian villains that's all you need to know, someone's got full access to them Bond scripts.

In all fairness I haven't been able to knock the narrative of this franchise yet, I have not dived into Drake's Deception yet, But Drake might want to get to more than first base with his companion before he decides to go off dancing in meadows and fields of heather with her. It'll be the death of him (Spoiler prediction I pray to Chthulu). Running, jumping and hanging your way through mountainous regions whilst being fired at by Putin's hit squad didn't at all make the six axis come into contact with the screen. At all. Along with spending extended periods of time staring at all four walls of a building wondering who took the time to make these puzzles and how to solve them, no wonder you find but corpses along your way, explorers just started shooting themselves out of sheer annoyance. You'll die from falling off a cliff attempting to reach that obviously reachable ledge, hitting your head on that ledge on the way down, and landing in a geese enclosure and an inconvenient time. Naughty Dog are the kind to say at the re-spawn screen in the tip bar “Well maybe there is a fifth wall?”, this screen won't last much longer.

Here's something to talk about, the cover system.. the lovely cover system.. oh I adore the cover system, it makes me feel so safe behind the eight centimetre brick wall that seems to be in fashion in the uncharted world. IKEA flat-pack shootout cover available in many respectable retailers. I suppose you get what you pay for, though I still have full faith in initiative and a job lot of Lego blocks making a better bullet sponge. And like in all shooting scenarios children, do not underestimate the goons throwing strength when it comes to a grenade toss, you may be behind cover, 300 yards away, but that's just teasing them and you know it.

Overall Among Thieves gives everyone that “God I'd love to be a badass archaeologist thought” before you realise you don't want to be chased around an unrecognised S.O.S. Area on the globe by big purple monsters (Not Barney) when there's no retirement fund or life insurance that would so much as entertain your application. But you can keep climbing up every small scaled height you see and testing your flirting skills out on your dog in the meantime champ, your onto a winner.

I know this game is a little obsolete now but the graphics given are definitely a sight to behold, from scenic shots to weapon detail it had a few gamers thinking it had benchmarked this generations consoles at the time.
Every creak in the pipe your climbing up or crumble in the rock face made you nervous about whether you would reach the top or not, even when you did half the time it would leave you a nervous wreck for the next climb.
Mixing freedom of movement with combat isn't an easy thing to pull off. Naughty Dog really showed gamers what they were capable of. Being pinned down by snipers or running away from a speeding truck was better than just watching a cutscene.
Fun Factor
Victor's dirty old man moments entertained me on many occasions.
The one thing that let the game down for me, little offered in the way of progression or addictiveness, a lot of players running around looking for the best weapons determines who's going to be top of the leaderboard.
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Derekvinyard132189d ago

Mr. Goodkat: The reason I'm in town, in case you're wondering, is because of a Kansas City Shuffle

VanillaBear2188d ago

"The one thing that let the game down for me, little offered in the way of progression or addictiveness, a lot of players running around looking for the best weapons determines who's going to be top of the leaderboard. "

Thats the whole point of an online game, if good weapons are around you get them...if you don't others will. They respawn so it's not like nobody gets a turn of them. Plus you've probably never played the post 1.5 patch days

Anyway it's better then what the online turned into in Uncharted 3....

TheCryptKeeper2187d ago


Cover System
Little offered from Multiplayer...

review speaks for its self.

gtxgamer22173d ago

lol uncharted has a great cover system

killasder2187d ago

8.7 cool story bro? not enough kill streaks in mp or something lol

coolbeans2184d ago

When did an eight-point-seven become a bad score?

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