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Unchained Blades Reviews  

1up - Unchained Blades Review: Too Much Anime, Not Enough Amazing

661d ago - 1up - This grindy RPG aims to mix things up, but its efforts go wide of the mark. | PSP

Unchained Blades PSP Review |

668d ago - EdEN from writes: Unchained Blades is a dungeon crawler with turn base combat that... | PSP

Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Unchained Blades Review

692d ago - Japanator: "All of the unique features that Unchained Blades tries to add to a standard dungeon c... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review | Destructoid

694d ago - Destructoid: "Unchained Blades places a greater emphasis on story than most games in the Wizardry... | PSP

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Now - Drew dives into the 467th iteration of Street Fighter IV. | Promoted post

Unchained Blades Review - Realm of Gaming

697d ago - Joe Shaffer states, "Even if it's not a top choice, it's still a worthy addition to any J-RPG fan... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review | Gaming Union

697d ago - Gaming Union: "Unchained Blades set out with the goal of mixing together the best aspects of dung... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review - PixlBit

707d ago - PixlBit | "The word on the street for a couple years has been that the PSP is dead. Just don’t sa... | PSP

PSi - Unchained Blades Review

708d ago - There was a Volkswagen commercial long ago that made light of the fact that most mid-sized cars h... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review | The Mog Blog

712d ago - This dungeon-crawler RPG has everything. A dragon, a golem, a pair of breasts, and some KFC to na... | PSP

ToS Reviews Unchained Blades

714d ago - Sam from ToS reviews Unchained Blades, released in English by XSEED Games for the Playstation Por... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review -

715d ago - Alice of - "While I enjoyed Unchained Blades, I understand that this game may not... | PSP

SBG Review | Unchained Blades: This crawl's familiar but refreshing

718d ago - Riss Pittman: "The dungeon-crawler and I have a tough relationship. It’s one of those love-hate t... | PSP

GamingNexus: Unchained Blades Review

718d ago - GamingNexus: The PSP has long been the home for some of the best modern role-playing games. From... | PSP

Unchained Blades PSP Review (2D-X)

721d ago - Unchained Blades is a flawed, but fun, JRPG/dungeon crawler that manages to capture players’ atte... | PSP

Unchained Blades (PSP) - Popzara Review

728d ago - A repetitive mishmash of everything you've seen before in the JRPG genre: recycled characters, ha... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review: Dungeons & Dragon Emperors | GamePlox

729d ago - XSEED’s newest release, Unchained Blades, should be easy to describe. Seemingly just a straightfo... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review []

729d ago - What do you get when you cross Monster Hunter with the Dungeon Master series and The Wizard of Oz... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review | Tech-Gaming

730d ago - With an emphasis on dungeon prowling and amassing a formidable posse of beasts, Unchained Blades’... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review | Game Podunk

731d ago - GP: "Are you a fan of JRPGs? Is dungeon-crawling your thing? If so, you've probably taken a look... | PSP

Unchained Blades Review (EmptyLifeBar)

732d ago - "Thanks to the efforts of Xseed games Unchained Blades has, after around an entire year, finally... | PSP

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

Unchained Blades Review [Capsule Computers]

732d ago - Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes: "Unchained Blades takes a bit of a risk being releas... | PSP

Quarter Circle Forward Review: Unchained Blades

735d ago - In another story of a niche publisher taking on a heavy labor of love to localize a hit JRPG to t... | PSP

Gamezone: Unchained Blades review

735d ago - Unchained Blades is the latest JRPG localization from XSEED, however, for a system that is slowly... | PSP

Diehard GameFAN: Unchained Blades Review

735d ago - DHGF: Unchained Blades is a good attempt to dust off the dungeon crawling RPG genre and make it s... | PSP

ZTGD | Unchained Blades Review

735d ago - Drew Leachman writes: Do you remember those old RPGs from back in the day? You know, the hardcore... | PSP
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Unchained Blades

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