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Atari Is Using Me to Attack Jeff Minter and TxK

320d ago - Game critic Cyril Lachel responds to Atari, who has been using his name to attack Jeff Minter and... | Industry

QorC Pub News #4 - Nintendo NX, PS Mobile & TxK'd off

323d ago - The Quit or Continue regulars discuss what’s NX for Nintendo and why Jeff Minter is all TxK’d off... | PS4

Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

Veteran Game Developer Says Atari's Trying To Screw Him Over

325d ago - Tempest 2000 designer Jeff Minter wants to release his latest tube-centric shooter, TxK, on a bun... | Industry

TxK Dev Claims Atari Prohibiting Him From Bringing The Game To PC/PS4/Oculus

326d ago - Jeff Minter is seething at the irony of having Tempest 2000, a game he also made, be used against... | PS Vita

Top 10 Indie Games on Playstation Vita

380d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer)Sony might have ditched support for the Playstation Vita shortly after launch... | PS Vita

The Rift Arcade - Hands-on with TxK on Oculus Rift, a dazzling Vita port by Jeff Minter

381d ago - Ever played Tempest? I’m sure you have. First released in the neon-lit arcades of the 1980’s, it... | PC

TxK PC Demo Released for Oculus Rift

386d ago - Remember when you had eyeballs? It was nice for as long as they lasted, but with the release of... | PC

Metro GameCentral Video Games Top 20 of 2014 – from Mario Kart 8 to Shadow Of Mordor

405d ago - GameCentral names its favourite games from one of the most controversy-filled years gaming has ev... | PC

Llamasoft to take TxK into VR and 3D

505d ago - While TxK doesn’t seem like an immediate fit for VR, it’s apparently highly effective. | PC

TxK Coming to Oculus and Morpheus

518d ago - Famed developer Jeff Minter and the team at Llamasoft have already made one exciting announcement... | PC

The best Rail Shooters ever made

544d ago - Rice Digital takes a look at the best in a genre that doesn't get much in the way of interest the... | GameCube

TxK Confirmed for PS4

640d ago - Hardcore Gamer: TxK was fantastic on Vita, and it's been known since the game was announced that... | PS4

PS Nation Podcast-Ep369-Slappa Da Bass

649d ago - New Releases PlayStation Plus updates for NA and EU PlayStation’s “Road to Greatness tour dates... | PS3

TxK | Good Game SP Review

692d ago - Good Game: "I was worried that this game was going to feel a bit dated next to modern arcade shoo... | PS Vita

Game of the Month: February 2014

697d ago - Hardcore Gamer: What a great month February turned out to be. Not even a tenth away through the y... | PC

TxK Review | El33tonline

701d ago - Peter at El33tonline writes: "Manic, Minter-made mastery might move many men. Myself? Maybe." | PS Vita

NGB | TxK Review

704d ago - NGB Wrote: "It’s easy to assume that amongst the hazy mist of nostalgia and euphoric pixel blasti... | PS Vita

TxK Review-JPS

713d ago - "The Atari Jaguar was a failure when it came out in 1993. Although the console was a failure, the... | PS Vita

TxK review | Gamereactor UK

715d ago - GR-UK writes: "There are many reasons why you should treat yourself and your Vita to TxK. The gam... | PS Vita

TxK Review - Punk and Lizard

716d ago - Punk from Punk and Lizard writes:"At times you’ll feel like you are trying to eat a bowl of soup... | PS Vita

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

TxK Review | VideoGamer

717d ago - VideoGamer: "TxK is tremendously enjoyable, and adds another weapon to the Vita's arsenal at a ti... | PS Vita

Review: TxK | Stevivor

717d ago - Stevivor, "eff Minter is well known for making quirky, retro-styled games. In particular, he is c... | PS Vita

TXK Review | ENE3

717d ago - ENE3: "You see those seemingly innocuous fluorescent tubes in the two lanes on the right? What ar... | PS Vita

Review: TxK (New Gamer Nation)

719d ago - We’ve seen the popularity of some games in the video game medium die since the arcade days of the... | PS Vita

TxK soundtrack now available

719d ago - GamesAsylum "Llamasoft has added the exceptional TxK soundtrack to alternative music download sit... | PS Vita
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