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User Review : Tropico 3: Gold Edition

  • Funny
  • Deep gameplay
  • Music
  • Laying down roads is horrible
  • Small text
  • Browsing UGC is like looking for a needle in a hey stack

A unique city-building game with a sense of humor.

Tropico 3 is the type of game that makes you feel good while playing. Its this feeling that will make you come back begging for more. But,that feeling blinds you as if your staring at the sun.

The gold edition, which I'm reviewing , comes with the main game,the "Absolute Power" expansion pack and all the patches for both games. I got this all for only 17.99$, so I could say money well spent.

Basically your the leader of the Caribbean island country of Tropico. It only gets better from here, you can make (or choose) your own personal "El Presidente".

Your servants or should I say citizens divide themselves into many different factions. Think of it as a banana republic simulator. You can basically do anything to your small piece of tropical heaven.

There is a campaign where you have to deal with different scenarios, from an economic crisis to a secret alien threat. It does all this with a lovely sense of humor. You can never have enough of the radio DJ Juanito.

Then there is the sandbox mode, this is where the game shines in my opinion. You chose an island and do whatever you please. I never thought I could have this much fun playing as a dictator!

There's even an online portion of the game that allows you to create islands and scenarios. However, its a pain trying to create them. Even browsing user generated content is difficult!

The Caribbean soundtrack is AMAZING. To sum it up I would buy this game for the soundtrack only. I find it a miracle that my ears can hear such things.

Do your self a favor by buying this game.
Uncle Pedro wants you!

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