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Downloadable Games: The EPs of the Video Game Industry

1675d ago - EPs, or extended play records, are collections of music that are longer than singles but shorter... | Wii

Trenched trademark man vows to fight on

1677d ago - Eurogamer: The designer preventing Double Fine's Trenched from releasing in Europe has vowed to c... | Xbox 360

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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RipTen Review: Trenched - A Tower Defense Game with a Gargantuan Mech

1678d ago - RipTen: Tower Defense is often a very passive genre of video-games, you’ll lay a few towers here... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review (

1680d ago - James of writes: "Tim Schafer has helped to create some very memorable games i... | Xbox 360

GMRFM podcast 208 - Alice.

1680d ago - The GMRFM guys are joined by two lads from for a spirited discussion on the week in games... | PC

Trenched Unlock and Level Guide

1681d ago - XBLA Fans: The following Trenched Guide is a culmination of the efforts of Ben Fisher, John Laste... | Xbox 360

Denkiphile: Trenched Review

1681d ago - Denkiphile writes: "With recent games, there’s been a slow trend towards combining different genr... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review - WGTC

1681d ago - The folks at Double Fine Productions sure love to tinker with tried and true genre staples, addin... | Xbox 360

Britxbox: Podcast Expansion Pack 71

1681d ago - Britxbox writes: "Welcome to the BXB Expansion Pack Podcast with Jasper "Spiiike" Kashap, Mark "B... | Xbox 360

GameShark - Trenched Review

1681d ago - GameShark - The concept behind Trenched is so fundamental – the melding of two complementary genr... | Xbox 360

Xbox World Australia: Trenched Review

1682d ago - Xbox World Australia writes: Double Fine's decision to focus on releasing four new titles in the... | Xbox 360

Press Pause: Trenched, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, D&D: Daggerdale (Bitmob)

1682d ago - This week on Press Pause, Bitmob Executive Video Producer Sebastian Haley and Dan "Shoe" Hsu join... | PC

Trenched Review : Simple hacks

1683d ago - Reviewing a game is very time consuming but interesting work and i love it.When i was playing Tre... | Xbox 360

Double Fine's Great Downloadable Experiment

1683d ago - Double Fine took this model from Valve, right down to a reliance on digital distribution, with th... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review - Extreme Gamer

1683d ago - Extreme Gamer: 'Trenched' from Microsoft game Studios and Double Fine is a fun and surprisingly s... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review :

1683d ago - Between Double Fine’s two previous downloadable endeavors of Costume Quest and... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review | PTFGN

1683d ago - PTFGN: Double Fine, a company known for critical darlings like Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, hav... | Xbox 360

Buttonmasher | Trenched Review

1683d ago - Buttonmasher: Trenched is the latest offering from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions and as e... | Xbox 360

Review: Trenched | It's The Lingo

1683d ago - It's The Lingo: Customizable mechs and tower defense. If these terms speak to you in a positive m... | Xbox 360

Trenched Review | The A.V. Club

1683d ago - The A.V. Club: For all its undeniable creativity, designer Double Fine has a formula: Twist a fam... | Xbox 360

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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Pixelated Radio 10: Uncharted 3, FEAR 3, Shadows of the Damned, and more

1684d ago - In this episode, the hosts talk about Alice: Madness Returns, Duke Nukem Forever, Dungeon Siege I... | Xbox 360

N4G Radio 07/04/2011

1685d ago - The guys celebrate Independence Day by harassing John about tea and of course his love for LEGO g... | Nintendo DS

Worth Playing: Trenched Review

1685d ago - Trenched stands out as one of the best downloadable titles this year on any platform. The mix of... | Xbox 360

Trenched XBLA Weapons, Items, Challenges Guide

1686d ago - SegmentNext - "Everything you need to know about each and every item, weapon, and challenges in T... | Xbox 360

Level Save - A Trenched Review

1687d ago - The tale of Trenched starts with a pair of WW1 miltary men losing there legs and being confined t... | Xbox 360


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