Total War: Rome II Previews  

Total War: Rome II will bring super epic battles to your PC | Gaming Trend

438d ago - Gaming Trend: "During E3 I got a very limited glimpse of Total War: Rome II which intends to incr... | PC

CGM Previews: Total War: Rome 2

441d ago - The allure of the Total War series has always been its ability to recreate old fashioned, histori... | PC

Rome II Hands Off Thoughts | The Reticule

452d ago - Chris gives his thoughts on Total War: Rome II from the recent Rezzed gaming expo. | PC

Total War: Rome II – A Quick Hands On | The Reticule

452d ago - Nick writes: Last weekend’s Rezzed presented me with a long-awaited opportunity to get my hands o... | PC

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Rezzed Roundup | Daily Joypad

452d ago - There was plenty to see at this year’s Rezzed at the NEC in Birmingham. A purely PC and indie gam... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 Hands-On | VideoGamer

452d ago - VideoGamer: "Are you the sort of strategy player who sees every game of Total War as an opportuni... | PC

Total War: Rome II Hands-On Preview | Gamereactor UK

454d ago - GR-UK writes: "My first battle was easy. The higher ground, the trebuchets, the stampeding elepha... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 Will Make Fans Purr | gamrReview Preview

456d ago - gamrReview's Chris Kerr: "So, at least my tactics had ensured that in the face of overwhelming od... | PC

Total War: Rome II Preview [E3 2013] | IncGamers

466d ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish tries to pick out the substance from Creative Assembly's stylish Rome II... | PC

Total War: Rome II hands-on preview [BeefJack]

467d ago - SEGA and Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome II is set to take the epic RTS series back to one it... | PC

Denkiphile: Total War: Rome II Preview

467d ago - Eldon from Denkiphile: "Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome II is definitely one of the games I’m... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 Offers In-depth Strategy and Large Scale Battles | SegmentNext

470d ago - SegmentNext - "Creative Assembly reinvents strategy genre with Total War: Rome 2 by offering in-d... | PC

VB - Sega’s Total War: Rome II promises to be a real-time strategy blockbuster (preview)

474d ago - VB - The Creative Assembly has revealed its turn-based campaign map and a new battle set in Egypt. | PC

Total War: Rome 2 preview - Fights of the old republic | EuroGamer

474d ago - EuroGamer: "If you ever see an elephant in the wild, I really think you want to be standing behin... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 expands political system, introduces civil war | Polygon

474d ago - Polygon: "Where previous Total War games had players perform diplomacy with outside factions, Bic... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 – The Most Exciting Strategy Game of the Year? | IGN

474d ago - IGN: "Rome 2 lets players take command of any of a wide range of nations, from Rome itself, to Pe... | PC

Total War: Rome II Preview | GameDynamo

494d ago - GameDynamo - "Total War: Rome II will be the beginning of a new chapter in SEGA and The Creative... | PC

How Far Will You Go For Rome? (DigiBytes)

498d ago - Sega and Creative Assembly are gearing up to release the biggest Total War game yet, putting play... | PC

Gi - Total War: Rome 2 Preview

516d ago - Gi - Total War: Rome 2 is expected to launch on PC sometime in the second half of 2013. While mos... | PC

RPS - Eyes-On: Rome II’s Teutoburg Forest

539d ago - RPS - Bickham played through the entire set-piece battle in front of an audience of mostly bearde... | PC

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PCGamer- Total War: Rome 2 Preview – ambush and betrayal in the ancient world RTS

556d ago - PCG:n the early autumn of 9 CE a Roman general named Publius Quinctilius Varus led an expedition... | PC

PCGamer- Total War: Rome II Preview

572d ago - PCG:Creative Assembly are experimenting with ways to keep the game interesting when your power as... | PC

2013's Most Anticipated: Total War Rome II | OnlySP

610d ago - OnlySP writes: Total War: Rome II, today’s featured game in our list of Most Anticipated of 2013,... | PC

G4 - Total War: Rome 2 Preview -- The End of Faceless Cannon Fodder

756d ago - G4: "Come for the large scale historical battles, stay to see how each individual soldier reacts... | PC

Gamescom 2012 - Total War: Rome II (Hooked Gamers)

758d ago - Hooked Gamers writes: "Total War: Rome II will be released some 9 years after the original succes... | PC

Total War: Rome II

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