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User Review : Tomb Raider

  • better graphics
  • good storyline
  • nice gameplay
  • little repetitive
  • lacks little taste of its predecessors
  • could have been better

All that you need to know about Tomb Raider 9 and the changes made to Lara Croft

All that you need to know about Tomb Raider 9 and the changes made to Lara Croft

As we know that Lara Croft has returned with Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics and this game has been added to the well-known and epic Tomb Raider series. This game takes you back in time to the origin of Lara Croft that we came to know about, from the rest of the series. Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics focuses on how a normal teenager turned into a heroine who dominated the game industry for so long.

Although, the true Tomb Raider lovers would find out that this part lacks some originality that we had been witnessing in previous Tomb Raider games of the series. But somehow this change in game-play makes sense because at the end there is a strong story line to back this up and of course when there is a change in story-line and approach of the game there will be an equal amount of change in the game-play too. So you would find out that this game lacks exploring, puzzles and platforming whereas the major focus of this Tomb Raider is on Shooting. And yes, i mean real shooting but don't confuse it with the first person shooters out there because this game: Tomb Raider is full of action and has inherited some core elements from its predecessors.

If we take a look at what Lara gets through in this Tomb Raider, we will come to know that through the early run of the game she learns how to survive because a major reason in her transformation is the punishment that she gets through.

Composition of this punishment is psychological as well as physical. A controversial scene has been added in this Tomb Raider's early game-play where a man touches Lara twice and both of time its violent as well as sexual in nature, and this creates an image in the mind of the gamer that Lara could have been raped afterwards; possibly this would have left a strong impact on her overall Story-line and became one of the factors to empower her to survive and overcome.

Because this could have given her an over-all understanding of how much efforts are required to be able to survive. In this game you will witness Lara's adventurous journey from a fearful person that she used to be; to a confident and legitimate survivor by the end of the game. And she proves that she cannot be intimidated.

This Tomb Raider opens with teenage Lara Croft, a young archaeologist, who is sailing with her companions and hoping to find out the ancient civilization of Yamatai, a land of a Queen named Himiko who is considered to be the Queen of the Sun. Their destination is some coast of Japan where they think they could find any clues about this civilization that they are in search of.

While following Lara Croft's instincts, Lara and her Crew ultimately find their path to a dangerous area named 'Dragon's Triangle'. Stories tell that many people have been there but never returned. In-order to give more weight to the correctness of those stories, the vicious storm breaks Lara's ship apart and adds them to the list of the people who got affected by the creepy Dragon's Triangle. When Lara Croft and her companions wake-up they get to see themselves washed up on an island that has ships and stuff but wrecked. Before they could gather themselves up, the residents of island find their way to Lara and her Co, Moreover, granting them more rest by knocking them out through violence.

After becoming conscious again, Lara finds herself in a sticky situation from which she has to escape in a very action-oriented way. i.e.: moving back and forth near a flame to burn the strings to untie her from being tied to the ceiling of a room while being in upside-down state, followed by her 1st wound of the game through some sharp object on which Lara falls after the rope gets cut by the flame. Lara than moves through a cave that is full of darkness and gets to meet some of the torture victims and some retarded natives of that island. The 1st weapon that you come across is a bow that is mostly used to hunt deer for appetite (well, that happens throughout the game) and that’s how Lara Croft fights hunger.

While not going much deeper into the depths of the game-play of this Tomb Raider, I’d mention some key features; Experience Points and Salvage are the 2 new things added to Tomb Raider. By collecting these points you will be able to level up Lara Croft. By spending Salvage you can actually increase the overall damage of the bullets that Lara will use and do some nasty tricks with Bow-Arrow, carrying capacities and customization on the weapons that you get throughout the game.

There has been a lot of criticism about this Tomb Raider being scripted. Events often occur faster than expected and are repetitive in nature, e.g.: Lara trying to escape a collapsing cave and it can be the 5th one in duration of just 10 minutes of the game-play And yes, that can trigger the boredom on without much of the effort. One more criticism is about the lack of freedom and a definitive path to progress through game, but i would disagree with it because sometimes it’s necessary to keep the path definitive and let the player understand the story behind it. So I personally don't take it as a flaw of this Tomb Raider. But the infinite enemy waves and enemy supplies are hilarious because at time it becomes annoying while trying to deal with them strategically, as they keep on returning.

While Focusing on the good part, we will be able to successfully relate it with the previous Tomb Raider because this Tomb Raider does offer puzzles, etc. that used to be the bread and butter of its predecessors. The mainstream element in this Tomb Raider is FIRE in my opinion because we can see Lara doing different tricks with it, Fire is involved in multiple puzzles where Lara Croft have to solve them by moving the explosive barrels from one place to another and Lara also uses flaming items/explosives to explode the blockages, etc. There are 9 additional and optional tombs that can be explored to get salvage points or weapon parts depending upon your luck. Though it doesn't take much time to explore those Tombs and they aren't as rewarding as they should be but still I like their presence in the game as a whole. The game is very Action-oriented and is really fun to play since it provides you various types of options to select from while attempting to deal with situations. And not to mention the Stunning graphics that this Tomb Raider has to offer.


Concluding the whole review, I would like to say that as a whole this game is not as bad as people say it is. Also, it’s everyone's personal opinion. 'Medicine of one, poison of other', its true and applicable here. Tomb Rider is not like its predecessor Tomb Raider games doesn't mean that its bad. Not to mention again, that of course when there is a change in story-line and approach of the game there will be an equal amount of change in the game-play too. If we take it in the positive way, we can say that they have tried to make some changes in the sequel and tried to give uniqueness to Tomb Raider. So why don't we just put its predecessors aside and try to enjoy this Tomb Raider for once? maybe? And I am sure that we will be able to understand it better than right now.
Think about it! :)

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Graphics were pretty good.
same as graphics.
if we stop comparing it with previous Tomb Raider than we will realize that its game-play isn't that bad.
Fun Factor
7.5 is sort of justifiable.
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