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Tom Francis designed Gunpoint, a game about reiring things and punching people, and another called Floating point about swinging around on a rope (...

Tomb Raider Reviews  

Tomb Raider Review | Appstorm

465d ago - Appstorm writes: I would say that this iteration of Tomb Raider serves as a worthy prequel to... | PC

Geek Respawn: Tomb Raider Review

467d ago - Geek Respawn: The first time I played Tomb Raider was on the PS1 in 1996. Lara quickly became one... | Xbox 360

SA Gaming Portal Reviews Tomb Raider

470d ago - Sam joins our team with her review of Tomb Raider | PC

Review: Tomb Raider | GameNTrain

471d ago - GameNTrain's Brian Warren looks at the Tomb Raider reboot. Brian gives his thoughts on a fresh ta... | PC

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Tomb Raider Review [Horrible Night]

471d ago - Aaron McNeal: "I'd go adventuring into the dark unknown with this Croft again anytime." | PC

Tomb Raider review | The Adrenaline Vault

472d ago - It’s too early to call Game of the Year, but if this doesn’t make it on some best-of lists, then... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | the stylish geek

472d ago - By the end of the game, you really feel like you’ve not only accomplished a lot, but that you’ve... | PC

Review: Tomb Raider | Invalid Opinions

473d ago - IO writes: The game was still very enthralling to play and I intend to give it a full second p... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | LanOC

473d ago - Lan OC writes: I enjoyed the game, and I think others will too, but I don't think it is a gam... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | Super Duper Stuff

473d ago - Tomb Raider is a great success and a brilliant start to this new Lara Croft's tomb raiding advent... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | maldakai

473d ago - Lara has definitely taken her spot over Nathan Drake. Well done Lady Croft. | PC

Tomb Raider Review | VE3TRO

473d ago - Tomb Raider is a great reinvention on a classic series, which sets us up for more games. | PC

Keep It Or Trade It?: Tomb Raider (PS3) | The G.A.M.E.S. Blog

473d ago - The G.A.M.E.S. Blog writes: "Tomb Raider is a brilliant new take on the legacy of Lara Croft. It’... | PS3

The Menage A Trois Review: Tomb Raider / Bioshock Infinite / WWE 13

474d ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "Yes I know I've been slacking on reviews for the site, but I'm not s... | PC

BeatzGaming: Video Game Review: Lara Croft Returns in Tomb Raider

474d ago - Lara Croft returns in this new Tomb Raider game even sexier and more daring. Tomb Raider will be... | PC

Tomb Raider - Playstation 3 Review - The Armchair Empire

474d ago - From the review: "I remember seeing Tomb Raider back at E3 last June. As I sat and watched the... | PS3

Tomb Raider Review - D Pad D Bags

476d ago - Tomb Raider isn't perfect, but it's more than worth a try. | PC

Tomb Raider Review | Gamersciz

477d ago - Tomb Raider is an action-adventure platform video game. Published by Square Enix, Tomb Raider is... | PC

Pop Cults - Tomb Raider Review

478d ago - Richard of writes "For the most part, I am really in love with Tomb Raider. It is a... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | Splitkick

478d ago - Splitkick: While Crystal Dynamics may have taken many cues from the Uncharted series, they become... | PC

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Tomb Raider (2013) Review | Loose Lemon Gaming

478d ago - Lara Croft is a mythical video-game icon who relishes exploring ruins and takes pleasure in swash... | PC

Tomb Raider Review | Game Podunk

478d ago - GP writer Harrison Lee reviews Tomb Raider on PC. | PC

WC - Tomb Raider Review

479d ago - WC - When it was first announced that Crystal Dynamics were going to reboot the Tomb Raider franc... | PC

Spydistrict: Tomb Raider Review

480d ago - Aaron Ploof from Spy District writes: "The days of innocently strolling through abandoned tomb... | PC

GameFocus - Tomb Raider Review

480d ago - GameFocus - Step aside Nathan Drake, and get ready to meet your maker! No, Lara Croft did not giv... | PC

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