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5 Games We Need To Know More About

49d ago - MenStuff: "There’s a few games coming our way this year that have got our intrigue metres in the... | PC

Why the current gen of consoles has failed to live up to their NextGen promise

51d ago - James Tubbins was promised a "next gen" experience and he feels cheated. He writes "When next-gen... | PS4

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Tom Clancy's The Division Gameplay Interview

52d ago - Massive Studio Director David Polfeldt discusses the Ubisoft open world RPG game set in New York... | PC

The Division Cover Artwork Creation Discussed

53d ago - Brian Tippie, the Art Director at Massive Entertainment has talked about the creation of the cove... | PC

The Division New Gameplay/ Story Details: Faction Cleaners & New Release Date Rumoured

56d ago - The Cleaners may switch alliances with or against you throughout the events of the game. | PC

UPDATE : The Division Alpha Testers Reveal Alleged New Details That Are Fake

58d ago - A new video, which has since been removed, includes lots more alleged details about the Alpha for... | PC

Ubisoft Reveals Rich Gameplay But Less Beefy Storyline

59d ago - Like other Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game releases, Tom Clancy's The Division will focus l... | PC

Tom Clancy's The Division Could Release Late Summer Alongside Short Film

63d ago - According to DevinSuperTramp and Corridor Digital, filming for a Tom Clancy's The Division short... | PC

This video for The Division discusses what’s currently known about crafting

63d ago - VG 24/7 writes:"We have another video for The Division for you today which touches upon crafting,... | PC

The Division: Mysterious Coordinates Tweet, SXSW Event

64d ago - Fans were of course quick to figure out what was in the given coordinates. | PC

10 Games HoloLens Would Change for the Better

64d ago - GamesRadar - Once upon a time, “AR” was something pirates said to express all emotions then known... | Culture

No Future for Future Soldiers?

65d ago - How likely is it Ubisoft will announce a new generation Ghost Recon title this year? As speculati... | PC

The origins of The Division's Cleaners faction discussed by Ubisoft Massive

66d ago - The Cleaners are some intimidating people, but how did they come about? There origins were recent... | PC

5 RPGs To Look Out For In 2015

67d ago - IM PLAYIN take a brief look at five RPGs which could take 2015 by storm. "I’m a massive RPG bu... | PC

5 Games That Will Make 2015 Amazing

68d ago - From the article: "2015 is bringing us plenty of games. But which are we most excited about? Take... | PC

Are Games Being Delayed Just to Build Hype?

70d ago - Yesterday was a big day for gaming, for all the wrong reasons. The Delay Monster, the mighty beas... | PC

The Division: The Cleaners Faction Explained in New Video

70d ago - As the name suggests, this specific group is tasked with eradicating any signs of the virus in Ne... | PC

The Division: 10 things we must know

72d ago - Everything we still don’t know about Ubisoft’s apocalyptic MMORPG. Don’t leave us hanging. | PC

Tom Clancy's The Division Gets New Details About Dynamic Events, Moral Choices and Much More

73d ago - The German magazine GamePro has given us brand new details about one of the most anticipated game... | PC

The Division: 10 things we must know

73d ago - Red Bull writes: despite its being announced way back in the mists of mid-2013, we still know pre... | PS4

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

The Next Segment Ep.6 – Maxis, Division, Metal Gear, Engines and Final Fantasy XV

74d ago - SegmentNext discusses last week's most major news and highlights the biggest buzzing game. This w... | Culture

The Division - That's why a new IP, cut-scenes to minimum, huge variety of missions

74d ago - Interviewed by the German magazine Gamepro, Martin Hultberg told why they are making a new Clancy... | PC

The Division News: New Interview, Open World, Weapons & Shaders; Release Date & Gameplay at E3 2015

77d ago - Shinobi602 claims we'll get the official announce date, as well as some final gameplay footage, t... | PC

The Division: leaked a short footage of the Xbox One pre-alpha

80d ago - After the first images leaked, now we found the first -short- footage of the Xbox One p... | PC

The 5 Most Promising New IP's of 2015

81d ago - More So than previous years, 2015 features a catalog of new intellectual properties that wil... | PS4

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