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User Review : Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's™ The Repetition 2

A solid 10.

No, that is not the score I am giving for this game. That is how many days it has been out and already I have been struck by a severe case of monotony.

This is a looter shooter, and unlike a particular previous release, it has a good emphasis on the looter aspect of that term. However, the shooter aspect is mediocre at best when it comes to exploring the game world or playing through the tiresome missions.

This is every mission in the campaign in a nutshell: fight through the generic enemies, occasionally hold the action button (in this case square) to activate a node or terminal to progress, fight through more generic enemies, then finally kill an armored generic enemy to complete the mission. Every single time. It never breaks free of this formula - not even in the side missions. It's even worse in the main missions because it's padded with at least 30 minutes of this BS.

And when I say generic enemies, I am talking about the game only featuring basically 3 classes of bad guys to shoot:

1. Standard henchman with normal assault rifle

2. Henchman with a sword that can only run at you with it.

3. Armored henchman with yellow bar health.

How can this be called a game when it is really just an exercise in patience until you play for hours and hours to reach level 30. Reaching this sacred level grants you access to the strongholds, a "new" enemy, and specializations. And after a while of finally getting a new shiny toy that being Level 30 has bestowed upon you, the epiphany inevitably closes in when you realize that it's actually more of the same...The strongholds follow that same tiresome mission formula, the new Black Tusk enemies are almost entirely the same except they can deploy drones, and specializations can only do so much in terms of game-play when you are fighting the most bland enemies in gaming.

Then there's the issues of the game loading as I play, where textures that are right in front of me are blurred out and take seconds to actually become clear. Even one time as I was fighting the final armored thug of the mission, a remote controlled car bomb could be heard approaching my position, but the actual model of the thing didn't even load until it nearly damn reached me. The game even makes my PS4 run slow when navigating the dashboard.

Setting those grievances aside, the gun-play is not bad, and there is actually a ton of loot and ways to apply stats to them and your character. But why subject myself to such mundane game-play to just get my imaginary numbers for my character higher? If the game isn't fun or interesting then why bother at all? I feel like people were just aggravated with Anthem and just jumped on the Division bandwagon to get back at EA. Not advocating for Anthem, either, hell no, but is this really the kind of thing that garners positive reviews? Come on.

TL;DR: Game is rich with loot but too god damn repetitive. Fun > Loot.

Game world is huge, so graphics take a hit and textures load as you play.
Sound design is well done.
Hide behind cover and shoot generic 3 enemies ad nauseam
Fun Factor
Too formulaic to be enjoyed beyond the first few missions. Would have been fine if it were spiced up every now and then.
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rdgneoz329d ago

3 types of enemies to fight? Sounds like you played for 3 minutes. Don't want to hide behind cover, get the 2nd shield that let's you fire assault rifles or SMG and change that.


This guy said a 5.0, lmao. Ok man, sure. I hope no one reads this and decides not to get it tho. I understand opinions, but when they're this off base, you shouldn't share your opinion. First off, there are way more than 3 enemy types, and the so called "generic bosses" you're referring to actually differ in many ways that you lack the awareness to identify. One might have a flame thrower, another might have a heavy machine gun, another might have a giant hammer and will run after you, etc. The "henchmen" vary in many ways as well, as sum are of one faction versus another, they might attack you differently, others more aggressive than some. There's hyenas with their lack of situational awareness because they're mostly thugs from the streets. Then there's true sons who have a more rebel force type of approach to combat and use flanking tactics to their advantage. Then once you reach endgame you're fighting a completely different faction called The Black Tusk, which use more of a military combat style, that also employ robot dogs with heavy machinery such as a .50 cal sniper rifle. There's red bar enemies, purple enemies and elite (yellow) enemies for each faction, and each one of these operate differently, as well as within each faction as stated above. 3 enemy types, lmao, sure man.

Graphics are subjective honestly. I play on PC, with an i7-4790 CPU, RTX 2060 GPU, and 500GB SSD... so I never experience graphical issues. Something you might want to look at in the settings, however, is your depth of field slider. Setting this lower can help improve graphics loading. This should be an option on PS4, if it isn't, sorry. But everyone should know that the best experience for any game is on PC.

You're also missing the point behind the gameplay. It's not about killing things, it's about getting loot. This game is a looter/shooter, yes, but you only kill the things to get things. You don't need to experience raid like mechanics in each mission to enjoy it and get loot. If that's what you're looking for, you're playing the wrong game. They throw a ton of mobs (regular enemies) at you throughout missions to provide you with things to kill in order to obtain loot. There's an RNG aspect behind it, so they throw a lot of enemies at you so you have multiple opportunities to find that one piece of gear you've been looking for. And say what you want to, but they did an incredible job with level design and the pacing of the gameplay.

Fun factor should be a 10. You don't even go into detail on all the copious amounts of activities in the game. Missions, side missions, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's control points, public broadcasts, public executions, enemy patrols, strongholds, bounties, projects, and that's all without mentioning the DZ, which includes landmarks, supply drops and obviously open world PVP. Then there's Conflict which is normalized PVP in controlled maps. If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. There's something there for everyone. The only negative thing you an say about this game is that it has bugs. Once the bugs are ironed out, it'll be the best game on the market currently.

maybelovehate29d ago

Congrats on a terrible review with inaccurate information. You have a future in journalism.