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User Review : Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  • The new sprint feature{character graphics and customization{always got love for the co-op play
  • enviroment graphics a little weak{many bugs to still be worked out{server browser and in game voicechat

The character level is up even if you are playing offline. That's awesome because you can just do th

This is my personal review of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. There is a significant amount of weapons, costumes, armour, add ons to the weapons and character customizations. The graphics are extremely impressive and second to none. The sound affects are great. It feels as though you are right there.

What I liked most about this game is that the concept is awesome and the game play is great. There is real world tactics and weapons being used in this game. Most of the weapons are real world weapons.

The character level is up even if you are playing offline. That's awesome because you can just do the campaign mode and level up or just do terrorist hunts and level up while you are offline. There's lots of unlockable weapons, equipment and rewards.

If you played and loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas last year, you'll know pretty much what to expect from its sequel. Least surprising of all will be its name: Rainbow Six Vegas 2. This is not necessarily a disadvantage: seasoned players will be able to dive straight in without too much trouble, and we've been promised graphical and strategic improvements on the original. Plus there's been lots of time and effort invested in the co-op play, which will open up the game enormously. So can it carry it off - is Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a worthy successor or just more of the same?

Fundamentally, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a game with few surprises. It takes all the good work done by its predecessor, tidies up a few issues here and there, then concentrates heavily on making the multiplayer elements even better than they were in the previous game.

That being the case, Vegas veterans are going to be able to dive into this game right from the off. The only immediate difference is a brand new ‘sprint' button located at left shift (or whatever you choose to set it too), which lets you dash from point A to point B - fairly useful for dodging between different areas of cover, and more than a little reminiscent of the same feature in Call of Duty 4. A blind-fire option also allows you to spray bullets from cover without putting yourself in danger. Very similar indeed to Gears of War and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but it works well enough.

There is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt, and the fact that the single-player game is so similar to the original Rainbow Six Vegas is something of a disappointment. Additionally, the fact that the glamorous, glitzy casino settings of the first game have given way to a far blander array of office blocks, warehouses and rooftops also serves to make the game look far less appealing. Ubisoft is selling the sequel as some kind of graphical leap over its predecessor, but we're struggling to see that at all. Indeed, it's probably the blandest-looking Unreal Engine-powered game we've seen to date.

I highly recommend purchasing this game. It is as advertised. This game is awesome.

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Fun Factor
it's great fun to jump online and play a few rounds of team leader or even TDM
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BeaArthur3854d ago

I find it odd that you say the graphics are "extremely impressive". I haven't played the PC version but I can't imagine that they are that much better than the console versions, which were pretty average at best. Also you said "extremely impressive" and then proceeded to give the graphics a 7.5. I just found that interesting.

pcgia3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I posted the rough copy by mistake. The last two lines in the paragraph weren't supposed to still be there nor a few other things.

I do think the graphics are middle of the pack and the audio could be better. The machine gun loop is quite annoying at times, I know this will eventually be patched but for now. Characters look great though!

The rating and comments section is the true one to go by, as far as how we felt about the game.

I'm having alot of fun playing this game, it's a refreshing change from Call of Duty 4 which is what I was stuck on since launch. The sprint button is a must for me after cod4. Which I know alot of veteran RS:V aren't liking it because of that, feeling it makes the 3rd person view pointless.

It's still a very fun game to play and i'll prob keep it in the playlist for a while.

I even +agree'd with ya, my mistake at posting the wrong one but meh, my first one, I've learnt ;) .