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Tokyo Jungle Reviews  

Tokyo Jungle Mobile [Review] | Shogun Gamer

362d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Completely absurd in every possible way, Tokyo Jungle doesn’t lose too much of... | Android

Best of Playstation Network vol. 1: PS3 Game Review- A Darker Image

374d ago - Experience some of the PlayStation Network’s stand out hits in this amazing collection of titles... | PS3

Game Guys review - Tokyo Jungle

533d ago - Being human, we will always wonder what the next big thing will be. When will holographic technol... | PS3

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Forbes - 'Tokyo Jungle' Review - Part One: Prepare To Die (PSN)

567d ago - Forbes - Tokyo Jungle is one of the most innovative games in years—but it’s not for the feint of... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review | Paste

575d ago - Paste: "An insane, feral 100 Years of Solitude, Tokyo Jungle allows me to get lost in a truly wil... | PS3

Warp Zoned: Tokyo Jungle Review: A Story of a Man and His Dog (Without the Man)

597d ago - Warp Zoned writes: What happens to man’s best friend when man doesn’t exist? That’s the big qu... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle | Geekenstein Review

616d ago - "Konnichiwa! Sony Japan released the exclusive for Playstation network Tokyo Jungle in Japan on J... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review | Nieuwerwets.TV

616d ago - In the near future, mankind has yet extinct, and the disaster of Fukushima has been forgotten. Te... | PS3

Review: Tokyo Jungle |

621d ago - Reviewer Leo Stevenson writes, "In the immortal words of W. Axl Rose, “You’re in the jungle baby,... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle: It’s tough out there for a Pomeranian | SnackBarGames Review

622d ago - SnackBarGames writes: "It wasn’t looking good for my Pomeranian. The toxicity in the air was g... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle | Good Game Review

626d ago - It's just a small downloadable game and the graphics certainly reflect its budget. But it's such... | PS3

S&S Review: Tokyo Jungle

627d ago - Lante Bannerman: "I needed a game like no other to get back into the swing of things. My gaming h... | PS3

Diehard GameFAN: Tokyo Jungle Review

629d ago - DHGF: As a game reviewer you live for games like Tokyo Jungle. You can play games for so long tha... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle – Review | GameCatalyst

630d ago - GameCatalyst writes: "Tokyo Jungle’s concept is simple, but brilliantly novel – in a humanity-... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review | Proven Gamer

631d ago - Morgan Park of ProvenGamer: Tokyo Jungle sets out to do a very specific thing, and does it very w... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review | GamingUnion

631d ago - GamingUnion writes: Many post apocalyptic games these days have been placing gamers into the r... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review - The Digital Fix

632d ago - The goal here is simple; survive and reproduce. You are thrown into an unforgiving vision of Toky... | PS3

Review: Tokyo Jungle (PS3) | Digitally Downloaded

632d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "On the one hand I love the message of Tokyo Jungle, as it managed t... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle Co-Optimus Review

633d ago - Things are looking bad for the Retriever. He's past his prime, starving, and his system is growin... | PS3

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TB - Tokyo Jungle Review – A Dog Eat Dog World

633d ago - TB - No, seriously. This is a game where Beagles eat Golden Retrievers, and a pack of yip-yapp... | PS3

Embrace the Pomeranian Within - Tokyo Jungle Review for PlayStation 3 [Gamer Living]

635d ago - Gamer Living's Blair Hicks finds out what life after people would really be like if you were a cu... | PS3
20°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Tokyo Jungle

636d ago - "In the seemingly desolate urban ruins of the once established city of Tokyo, a creature emerges.... | PS3

Tokyo Jungle – Review [The Independent]

636d ago - The Independent: "A unique experience in the pantheon of the PS3." | PS3

CGM Reviews: Tokyo Jungle

637d ago - It accomplishes this through a simple premise. In Tokyo Jungle humanity has mysteriously vanished... | PS3
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Tokyo Jungle

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