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Tokyo Game Show Previews  

Dragon Dogma’s Dark Arisen At The Realms Of TGS 12

1238d ago - Capcom is doing an amazing job treating fans with lots of info and goodies of their favorite game... | Xbox 360

RPGamer: Resonance of Fate - TGS Impresions - Beginning of a New Battle System

2314d ago - RPGamer writes: "Resonance of Fate, known as End of Eternity in Japan, certainly earned a sp... | 34,1,2

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Gaming Union: NieR Gestalt TGS 2009 Hands-On

2316d ago - Gaming Union: "It's great what just a few months of development can do for a game. At E3 200... | 34, 1, 2

Gaming Union: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles TGS 2009 Hands-On

2316d ago - Gaming Union: "At Tokyo Game Show 2009 Capcom displayed a multitude of titles. From Okamiden... | 34,3

Gaming Union: LittleBigPlanet PSP TGS 2009 Hands-On

2317d ago - Gaming Union: "At Sony's booth at Tokyo Game Show 2009 were a number of PSP games. So many i... | 34,4

MediaCom TGS 09: Crackdown 2 Hands-on

2317d ago - MediaCom: "Before Crackdown came out, everybody viewed it as the $60 entry fee into the incl... | 34,2

MediaCom TGS 09: Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Hands-on

2317d ago - MediaCom: "At first glance, most of us thought we had Dead Rising 2 pegged. Another normal d... | 34,2

MediaCom TGS 09: Crystal Defenders Hands-on

2317d ago - MediaCom: "Amidst the Kingdom Hearts and FFXIII showcases at Square's TGS 2009 booth this ye... | 34,4

MediaCom TGS 09: Miles Edgeworth Hands-on

2317d ago - MediaCom: "Look, I'm a defense attorney kinda guy. I'm a Phoenix Wright kinda guy. So when C... | 34,5

TGS 2009: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Hands-On

2318d ago - KH Union writes, "Tokyo Game Show 2009 played host to a magnitude of PSP games. Outside Micr... | 34,4

Gaming Union: Monster Hunter Tri TGS 2009 Hands-On

2318d ago - Gaming Union: "Monster Hunter has been a huge hit for Capcom ever since it first appeared in... | 34,3

Critical Gamer: Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity) – TGS Hands-on Impressions

2319d ago - Critical Gamer Writes: Resonance of Fate, to be known as End of Eternity here in Japan, is a fort... | 34,1,2

Gaming Union: Phantasy Star Portable 2 TGS 2009 Hands-On

2321d ago - Gaming Union: "Phantasy Star Portable 2 is the latest game from Sega's relatively new Phanta... | 34,4

TGS '09 - Hands-On Preview: Dark Void (PS3)

2322d ago - PlayDevil posted an in-depth preview of the TGS '09 PS3 demo version of "Dark Void".... | 34,1

Gaming Union: Valkyria Chronicles 2 TGS 2009 Hands-On

2322d ago - Gaming Union: "When Valkyria Chronicles 2 was announced, it wasn't overly surprising other t... | 34,4

Kotaku: Ninety-Nine Nights II Hands On: Not A Lot New

2323d ago - Kotaku writes: "Ninety-Nine Nights II, much like the original Xbox 360 game, is light on sub... | 34,2

Kotaku: PixelJunk Shooter Impressions: An Improving Flow

2324d ago - Stephen Totilo Writes: Let's put it this way: When Q-Games chief Dylan Cuthbert finished pla... | 34,1

Kotaku: Okamiden Hands-On: The Celestial Stylus

2324d ago - Brian Crecente Writes: The biggest selling point of the game is the ability to use the DS st... | 34,5

Kotaku: Red Steel 2 Impressions: What 2006 Promised

2324d ago - Stephen Totilo Writes: My second hands-on with Red Steel 2, this time in Tokyo, confirmed to... | 34,3

Wired Hands On: Frantic Fighting in Behemoth's Game 3

2324d ago - Indie developer The Behemoth had a booth on the Tokyo Game Show floor, a small installation in th... | 34,1,2

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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TGS '09 - Hands-On Preview: Quantum Theory (PS3)

2324d ago - PlayDevil has posted a preview of Tecmo's upcoming 'Gears Of War' inspired FPS "Quantum Theo... | 34,1

TGS '09 - Hands-On Preview: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii)

2324d ago - PlayDevil has posted a preview, made from a hands-on with the game @ TGS '09 of Capcom's upcoming... | 34,3

NWR: Ghost Trick Impressions

2324d ago - NWR writes: "This year's TGS has been relatively low key, but that didn't stop James Charlto... | 34, 5

Gaming Union: Jigen Kairou TGS 2009 Hands-On

2324d ago - Gaming Union: "Jigen Kairou is a curious PSP game that was on display at this year's Tokyo G... | 34,4

Gaming Union: God Eater TGS 2009 Hands-On

2324d ago - Gaming Union: "At this year's Tokyo Game Show, there was a plethora of PlayStation Portable... | 34,4
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