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Gaming Union: TGS 2009 Awards, Best Xbox 360 Game

2054d ago - Gaming Union: "Microsoft are like a dog with a bone, and despite still having a relatively l... | 34,2

TGS 09: Mike Capps Talks New Studio, Scrapped Gears Of War Gameplay Mechanic

2057d ago - TGS is the annual opportunity to go hands on with elusive Japanese titles, to discover obscure ge... | 34,2

The Witcher 3

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Gaming Union: TGS 2009 Awards, Best PSP Game

2059d ago - Gaming Union: "Continuing on with Gaming Union's TGS 2009 Awards, next it's the turn of Sony... | 34,4

Gaming Union: TGS 2009 Awards, Best DS Game

2060d ago - Gaming Union writes, "Tokyo Game Show 2009 wowed crowds and wooed gamers across the world, a... | 34,5

Versus XIII Gameplay: Why Did Square Enix Even Bother?

2061d ago - Final Fantasy Versus XIII has be in Final Fantasy XIII's shadow for quite some time now, as Squar... | 34,1

Natal, the final hope for Microsoft in Japan?

2063d ago - with all of the changes in this ever evolving industry and the attempts to bring mo... | 34,2,11

In-Depth: The Sound Of Tokyo - TGS 2009's Game Audio Report

2064d ago - In an in-depth round-up from Japan, Jeriaska speaks to a number of major soundtrack composers --... | 34,11

40 Hours? 100 Hours? How A Game Developer Determines RPG Duration

2064d ago - Kotaku: One of the creators of White Knight Chronicles, the upcoming PlayStation 3 role-playing g... | 34,1

Guardian: Is Japan 'finished' in the games industry?

2065d ago - Guardian writes: "Once upon a time, the Tokyo Game Show was the biggest videogames event on... | 34,13

TGS 2009 Recap

2065d ago - Manga Hunter writes: "Marking the end of the Tokyo Game Show '09 was the crowds slowly begin... | 34

Guide: How to STFU about Super Street Fighter IV

2065d ago - Destructoid has put together a simple troubleshooting guide that might soothe some of the unbeara... | 34,1,2

IGN: TGS 09: Best of the Tokyo Game Show

2065d ago - IGN: "Sigh… Tokyo Game Show. You came and went so quickly. For a minute, all the world could... | 34, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 1

G4: Top 10 Games of Tokyo Game Show 2009

2065d ago - G4TV Writes: There weren't as many games at this year's Tokyo Game Show as there had been in... | 34,1,2,3,4,12

Headshots & Friendly Fire: The Tokyo Game Show Edition

2067d ago - Playstation Lifestyles writes: "The gaming industry has gotten bigger and better with e... | 34,1,11

Tokyo Game Show 09 Was an Overall Letdown

2067d ago - The Tokyo Game Show has come and gone for 2009. Nintendo didn't have a presence at the show, whil... | 34, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11

Dead Rising 2 Motorcycle Jacket Up For Grabs At TGS 2009

2067d ago - The Dead Rising 2 booth was quite popular at this year's Tokyo Game Show. While many people flock... | 34, 1, 2, 12

TGS a disappointment for 360 fans

2068d ago - The Tokyo Game Show ended yesterday, September 27th. With it, ended any hopes that there would be... | 34,2

Critical Gamer at Tokyo Game Show 2009

2068d ago - Critical Gamer Writes: Our man in Japan, Matt M, was at this year's TGS on a press pass. Yes, we'... | 34,1,2,3,4

Tokyo Game Show Trailer Wrap-Up

2068d ago - "Tokyo Game Show has brought us many trailers for upcoming titles. Games... | 34,11

NYTimes: Apple's Shadow Hangs Over Game Console Makers

2068d ago - Apple's recent foray into video games - with the iPhone, the iPod Touch and its ever-expanding on... | 34,6,13

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Top Five Most Impressive Tokyo Game Show Trailers

2068d ago - Examiner: Although this year's Tokyo Game Show was lacking in new game announcements, there were... | 34, 11

Top 10 TGS 09 cosplay customs

2069d ago - "Tokyo Game Show isn't all about the latest videogames only; it's also about se... | 34, 11

How DS Stole the Tokyo Game Show

2069d ago - Roger at GamingVice writes: "Who would've thunk that Nintendo's little handheld would... | 34,5

Pachter's Wii HD is a reality - it's the PS3

2069d ago - Nick @ PS3Center writes: In a lot of respects, Pachter is spot on. With HDTVs predicted to... | 34,1

TGS 09: Keiji Inafune dumps on Tokyo Game Show 2009

2070d ago - "Personally when I looked around [at] all the different games at the TGS floor," Capcom... | 34,13,15
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