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Dissidia's Missing Characters: Main Series

2454d ago - It's been heavily promoted that Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a celebration of 20 years of Final Fan... | 31,4,11

The Current State Of Final Fantasy

2458d ago - The last we heard of Final Fantasy was at the Tokyo Game Show this past month. The event basicall... | 31,2,4,5,9,11

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Post-TGS: Capcom "Wins" The Show

2465d ago - Everyone knows that video-game trade shows aren't about meeting devs, or playing demos, or even d... | 31,1,2,3,11

Xbox 360 steals Tokyo Game Show

2473d ago - The Japanese Times writes: The biggest announcement at the four-day Tokyo Game Show 2008 (Oct. 9... | 31,2

Remember, These Final Fantasy XIII Character Names Are Just Aliases

2475d ago - A few days ago a Shonen Jump Magazine scan revealed that Lightning wasn't the only character to h... | 31,1,2,11 at: Tokyo Game Show โ€“ Odds and Ends

2477d ago - Dofuss says: "Strap yourself in. Here's everything I haven't mentioned that caught my eye.... | 31

TGS 2008: Microsoft's Tekken 6?

2478d ago - Over the years Microsoft has managed to rob Sony of many of it's key franchises. GTA, DMC, and Vi... | 31,1,2,11

A Tour Through Square Enix's Chrono Trigger Museum

2478d ago - Square Enix had a mini Chrono Trigger museum tucked inside their Tokyo Game Show booth. There wer... | 31,5,11

IGN: Capcom-Unity Blog: Around The Globe

2478d ago - Back from TGS, Capcom has some goodies in store for its loyal fans. | 31,1,2,3,4

(Kingdom Hearts) Leaked TGS Trailers Translated

2478d ago - Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "Kingdom Hearts Insider is proud to present to you the leaked... | 31,4,5

TGS 2008: The Aftermath - A Review of the Big 3

2479d ago - - With Tokyo Game Show 2008 still fresh on the mind, I took a moment to look b... | 31, 1, 2, 3, 11

UGO: Best Booth Babes at TGS 08

2479d ago - UGO writes: " The 'booth babe' is a publicity gimmick used to grab the attention of helpless... | 31

TGS 2008 on 'Home': What Would It Take To Make It Work?

2479d ago - writes "TGS is one of the first trade shows to make the jump to go digital... | 31,1,11,13,15

Top 10 Games of TGS 2008

2480d ago - The Tokyo Game Show has come to an end. Following, you'll find a top 10 list of the best games of... | 31,11

TGS, RPG's and the failure of Square-Enix

2480d ago - BengaBenga of VGChartz writes: "Tokyo Game Show came and went, but no big news from Squ... | 31,13,15

Swiffs Weekly Rant 14th Oct 2008 - Tekken 6 going to 360 is no big deal

2480d ago - This week - Tekken 6 on the 360 is no big deal - Too many games come... | 31, 1, 2, 11

Tokyo Game Show 2008: Battle of the booth babes

2480d ago - Gamertell has posted a photo gallery of many of the beautiful booth babes at the 2008 Tokyo Game... | 31

TeamXbox: Tokyo Game Show 2008 Wrap-up

2480d ago - TeamXbox writes: "Covering the Xbox at the Tokyo game show is about as easy as being a tailo... | 31,2

Why The StarCraft II Trilogy Is A Good Thing

2481d ago - user Thomas Minelga submitted this fantastic article to the site earlier today. He g... | 31,12,13

Kotaku Booth Showcase: Microsoft's Big Push

2481d ago - As you'd expect from a company that's starting to pick up a little steam in Japan, Microsoft went... | 31,2

N4G Radio

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More White Knight Details

2481d ago - More details about the background WKC story and some more online info, from RPGamer | 31, 1

Neocrisis: Did Sony Lie?

2481d ago - Neocrisis: According to Sony, there would be nine new PS3 exclusives revealed at this years Tokyo... | 31,1

Tokyo Game Show โ€“ Coz-play

2481d ago - Dofuss says:"Coz-play has become synonymous with Japanese gaming culture. At TGS this was re... | 31

Tokyo Game Show โ€“ Booths Babes.

2481d ago - Booth babes are a staple of TGS. Every company had a dozens of young ladies dressed in a variety... | 31

FFXII & FFXIII Characters In Dissidia? Why Not?

2481d ago - Although the official cast list for Dissidia has now been confirmed and games ranging from Final... | 31,1,2,4,9

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