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A Friendly PSA for the Gaming Media

1045d ago ... There has been, needless to say, a mixed reaction to Sony's announcement at their Tokyo Game Show press conference of a new, slimmer and light version of the PlayStation 3. A mixed reaction, as opposed to the joy many felt in 2009 when the first PS3 slim model was announced, because this time around there was no price cut coinciding with it. As you might expect, the shock was immediate. Sony...

Is The Tokyo Game Show Becoming Irrelevant?

1379d ago ... In the latest issue of GameInformer, issue 223, November 2011, an article spanning a depressing half page was placed in the magazine summarizing and covering the TGS. The title of the article: "Big Booths, Small Impact". Tokyo Game Show was once a convention that rivaled E3, and was highly anticipated each year. However, in the past couple of years, many have noticed that the show has been lo...

So, what will the PSP2 bring to the table?

1869d ago ... A major missing player of this year's E3 was the rumored "PSP2". Sony may be holding the system back for an announcement at the Tokyo Game Show (seeing how the PSP is much more popular there), but with the Nintendo 3DS out of the bag, Sony is going to have to make a move soon or be left behind. Now, while the current PSP is not the #1 selling handheld like the DS, it certainly is not a failu...


2492d ago ... My impression of Sony's showing at the Tokyo Game Show.
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