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Titanfall 2

109d ago ... First time poster, long time Titanfall fan [>300hours] here. With Titanfall 2 being recently announced. I keep hearing the following suggestions for what Titanfall 2 needs: more customizations, single-player campaign, more guns and titans, more pilots and less AI grunts,etc. While not bad suggestions, I feel they demonstrate a deep misunderstanding of what titanfall is and a desperate attempt t...

COD AW looks great but is just another lag fest.

378d ago ... With Activision finally making the jump to next gen I have been waiting for those magical words everyone wants to hear - dedicated servers. But, looks like COD is in the P2P hosting business for the duration. That means all your superb games and high K/D ratio mean exactly nothing. Not saying you don't have skill, but you don't know if the guy on the other end is shooting first and dying f...

Can't we all get along?: If one company ruled the industry (Opinion Piece)

491d ago ... With the Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft XBOX One all out in the wild (in most places), gamers are snatching up their console(s) of choice, mostly enjoying their new investments. Unfortunately, due to sensational media headlines (does "CAN XBOX ONE CATCH UP TO PS4" or "NPD CHARTS SHOW EXUBERANT SALES OF TITANFALL" ring a bell?), overbearing dependence on exclusive titles, hard...

How the enjoyment of waiting for a game is destroyed

533d ago ... Oddly enough, it isn't the companies that's lower my enjoyment of waiting for a game; it's you people. How do you do it? 1)Endlessly complain about it not being on your console, which is understandable in some cases, but not when the reason has been stated numerous times, like in the case of Bayonetta 2 or Titanfall. 2)This actually connects back to number 1. Since the game is not on your...

7 Aspirations for Destiny

539d ago ... 2014 looks set to be an incredibly exciting time for the videogame industry. Next to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 edging gracefully into the twilight years of their impressive legacies, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are slowly but surely gathering the pace required to supersede them, and with games like Titanfall, Rust, Hotline Miami 2 and Dark Souls 2 all on the horizon, whatever your fo...

TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son, the Real Battle Of PS4 vs XOne is Just Beginning

542d ago ... Wow I love battles like this, this is a good one, maybe not a fair one, but its the battle we have in front of us as the consoles start to really get ready to do battle. TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son - Yes one is a FPS, and that does tend to be the favorite amongst a huge portion of gamers. But Second Son is holding it’s own, and that’s what makes this a really good battle, because gamers...

Xbox One is doing just fine

555d ago ... Lately, there's been a lot of negative news about the Xbox One. One point however, seems to imply that the Xbox One is selling poorly, especially in comparison to the PS4. There are knee-jerk reactions from some people, saying things like "MS needs a price drop immediately", or "MS should stop including Kinect with Xbox One". However, when you look at the actual numbers, things are looking v...

TitanFall's Bots (And 4 of its Criticisms)

557d ago ... One of the most controversial addition to TitanFall are its bots. I've noticed criticism for their inclusion, but also some confusion about their role and how they are utilized. Further, they are also the source of deeper criticisms involving player count and Respawn's ability to design a game with good A.I. I aim to look at four of these criticisms centered around the inclusion of bots, and...

I am announcing that I am writing a blog post

590d ago ... I wanted to take a moment to announce that I am going to write a blog post right now. The blog post just started. I thought you should know. Silly, right? But don't worry, I haven't completely lost it. Rather, I'm just practicing to be a videogame journalist. What, you hadn't noticed? Bioware Austin just announced they're working on an unannounced game. There's a rumor that Nintendo's R&D...

MS Bribing for exclusives..is it right?

666d ago ... Ok, so we heard MS secured the rights of the first Titanfall on their platforms and PC for its "lifetime" (whatever that means). We all know why it went down. $$$$$$$ But is it right that MS does this? We already know they have done this numerous times in the past with FFXIII and the GTA series. Now I know what a lot of you are just saying, "It's just business". Well, that doesn't really m...

Resolutiongate: Specs, Lies and Video Games

672d ago ... It's been three days since this whole Resolutiongate' started and it doesn't like it's going away anytime soon. For the uninformed, Microsoft insiders have confirmed rumors that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall are locked at 720P. Whilst we have yet to hear confirmation from either Microsoft PR or the respective studios, we're not hearing denials either. About a week ago, I wrote two stat...

Next Gen and the NFL

717d ago ... Every year I wait for the NFL draft which is alot like E3, than you have Gamescom which is alot like preseason. E3 shows me which new games I will be drafting to my console. And Gamescom shows me how they are going to potentially play. Our consoles are like are favorite teams, every year your team is going to the Superbowl. And every year our console is going to win the console war. With...

The PS4 has no Games only Indies.

725d ago ... This is something that is really annoying me in threads and comment sections. "...AAA exclusives Games announced Ryse vs Killzone:SF Forza vs #Driveclub (an excuse for a racing game) Dead Rising 3 vs What ever dafaq Knack is Sunset Overdrive vs The Order: 1886 Halo 5 vs...............? Titanfall vs Infamous? Black Tusk new IP vs..................? Project Spark vs.................?...

Enough With Wanting Sequels

781d ago ... You know, you'd think with a new generation of consoles ready to move into full swing, people would be excited for new experiences and trying out never before seen ideas, but all I've seen lately are people wanting more of the same. Well, not "lately" but it's been talked about a lot more. I've ragged on the Xbox One a lot recently because Microsoft are terrible for the industry, but the one...

Call of Duty is BOUND to Fail

793d ago ... In a recent blog post, I predicted that the next generation of consoles would bring the end of Call of Duty. This is something that currently might be hard to believe, as the franchise shatters records every single year. It's a billion dollar franchise, backed by millions of dollars spent on advertising and promotions. Call of Duty is massive, and that's exactly the way Activision made it. H...

Post E3, My Thoughts On The Eighth Generation of Gaming

800d ago ... Yeah, I know, all the hatred toward the Xbox One must be getting pretty tired now (and with all due respect, I commend the Xbox fans who put up with it), but with E3 having passed, I thought I would weigh in my thoughts on E3 and what may come from the rest of this very young generation. Microsoft's E3 conference was... not bad. It truly was not. People demanded games from Microsoft, and whi...

E3 wrap-up. The Good, the bad, and the infuriating

800d ago ... Well E3 is over, and the dust has settled, but has each console manufacturer proved to you that they're deserving of your hard earned money? This blog will be the first of a 3 part series discussing the state of the next-gen consoles, the state of next-gen gaming, and the future of gaming. So let’s dive and review Microsoft’s, Sony’s, and Nintendo’s E3 presentations, messaging, and games....

EA Conference and Review

809d ago ... Plants vs. Garden Warfare: Exclusive to Xbox One and later Xbox 360. 3rd person Action game (very shooter heavy though). It’s interesting to say the least, and looks surprisingly good graphically (running on Frostbite 3.0). It could be a fun multiplayer co-op game, but I personally can’t take this serious. Love PvZ though. Peggle 2: Announced? TitanFall: More gameplay footage. It’s C...
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