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The Optimistic Rebirth of Timesplitters

196d ago - Timesplitters has always been considered a wonderful oddity in the industry. Nothing compares to... | Culture

Timesplitters Group Interview “Majority of Fans would Support a Kickstarter”

819d ago - GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte interviews a group of Timesplitters fighting strong to bring the... | Wii

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

How The Industry Killed TimeSplitters 4

911d ago - Max Level: "There are several video game franchises from our previous generations that I’ve been... | Culture

Where’s My TimeSplitters Sequel?

945d ago - GameInformer- I love TimeSplitters. Actually, I loved it. We haven’t seen a new entry in the seri... | PC

Why a New Timesplitters Could Be the Most Impactful Shooter Since Call of Duty 4

1070d ago - Just a few short years ago, it seemed as if the side-scrolling platformer had, for the most part,... | Xbox 360

New Timesplitters 4 Campaign Interview given by NintendoReport

1071d ago - Yesterday, one of the admins at over at the Timesplitters 4 campaign on Facebook gave an intervie... | GameCube

TimeSplitters 4 Possible If Facebook Page Reaches 100,000 Fans

1074d ago - A new campaign has started for TimeSplitters 4 that has reached the attention of Crytek's higher-... | Culture

Crytek Boss Reveals Timesplitters 4 Faces Numerous Hurdles

1079d ago - The future of the Timesplitters series remains undecided, according to Crytek's CEO. In an int... | PC

"Hopes are high" for TimeSplitters 4

1080d ago - TimeSplitters 4 could yet become a reality… although it won’t be a retail game. That’s accordi... | PC

Crytek CEO weighs options for TimeSplitters 4

1080d ago - Company remains open-minded on funding and platform possibilities; Rules out retail release | PC

Top 10 Sequels That Need to Be Made

1105d ago - With the over-saturation of sequels on the market, it is nearly criminal that these 10 games have... | Wii

What Happened To TimeSplitters 4?

1126d ago - NowGamer: "Free Radical might no longer be around, but what does that mean for Timesplitters?... | Xbox 360

TimeSplitters 4: 'We've seen it running,' claim sources

1128d ago - "Trusted OXM sources" have claimed to have seen the long-rumoured TimeSplitters 4 in action. | PC

TimeSplitters 4 To Be Announced Very Soon - Official Playstation Magazine Italy Sep 2011

1360d ago - SilleGamer.com ''The chaotically crazy, pistol-whipping monkeys are back! According to the Sep... | PC

Free Radical: Why TimeSplitters 4 Never Happened

1364d ago - NowGamer: Members of Free Radical Design have told Play magazine why TimeSplitters 4 never saw li... | Xbox 360

TimeSplitters 4: What we want to see

1375d ago - The long awaited TimeSplitters 4 is officially in development and we're already anticipating anot... | Culture

The Lost Level Podcast - Episode 8

1394d ago - This week's topics include: Atlus' Catherine, the Nintendo 3DS price drop, Castlevania: Lords of... | Xbox 360

TimeSplitters 4: Nine things it needs to do to guarantee a gleefully amazing sequel

1395d ago - The return of one of last-gen's very best shooters finally looks to be happening. But here's how... | Wii

TimeSplitters 4 Wishlist

1396d ago - MMGN writes: Rumours surfaced a few months ago suggesting a new TimeSplitters could be on the way... | Dev

OPM rumour claims new TimeSplitters title “to be announced soon”

1397d ago - A fourth title within popular shooter franchise TimeSplitters may be set for announcement soon, a... | Xbox 360

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Crytek 'Thinking About Timesplitters'

1431d ago - NowGamer: Avni Yerli, co-founder of Crytek has told NowGamer the company is still deciding how be... | GameCube

Console Domination's Weekly News Roundup: 13/6 - 19/6

1438d ago - In the week following on from E3 2011, the gaming news is not flying as thick and fast through th... | PC

TimeSplitters 4 Wish List

1492d ago - Let’s imagine and assume for a second that TimeSplitters 4 is definitely happening and will be pu... | Xbox 360

DVG Daily November 1st: Project Gotham Racing reboot, New Timesplitters News

1667d ago - From Mike Muncatchy of www.digitalvideogamer.com, "This is the DVG Daily Podcast for November 1st... | PC

TimeSplitters: Crytek UK looking for publishers

1669d ago - "We'd love to do another one." | PC
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