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Double Fine Got 'a lot of Oculus pitches' for Amnesia Fortnight 2014

11d ago - VRFocus - Tim Schafer, founder of indie developer Double Fine, has revealed that his company rece... | PC

Tim Schafer Saving News for VGX, Quantum Break won't Be a Live Demo, No Mad Max, Ubisoft on Board

139d ago - VGX 2013 Host Geoff Keighley is continuing to drop teasing information about the upcoming broadca... | Xbox 360

Tim Schafer: Unplugged

198d ago - EG:The legendary dev discusses internet rage, his formative years, and the game he's most proud of. | Culture

Tim Schafer's Great Video Game Experiment

231d ago - Kotaku: "Tim Schafer had a lot to talk to me about, a lot to clarify, when we met in his offices... | PC

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Tim Schafer argues with a Backer on Twitter over Broken Age development troubles

287d ago - Double Fine founder, Tim Schafer, has found himself in a bit of a pickle coming out from developm... | Industry

Double Fine: Suits "don't always know best"

322d ago - GI - We talk with Tim Schafer and Brad Muir about Massive Chalice and why the company remains uns... | PC

Tim Schafer on battling Kickstarter fatigue – and why Microsoft needs to reach out to indies

323d ago - Edge:Microsoft “has been focused elsewhere” when it comes to supporting independent developers, s... | Culture

Tim Schafer is announcing a new game today

323d ago - Speculations abound as Tim Schafer, CEO of Double Fine Productions, tweeted a few hours ago that... | PC

Tim Schafer: "Every Game We’ve Made at Double Fine has Made a Profit”

344d ago - After wading through way too many questions and comments about hair and pancakes in the Tim Schaf... | PS2

Schafer says, "Console makers can win over devs by using reason"

379d ago - Coming from an interview with OXM... "It's not that hard to win over developers because all we... | PS4

Tim Schafer on PS4: “We’ve got guys playing with the features to see what we can do with it”

381d ago - PM: Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has been speaking about the studio’s contact with PS4, saying th... | PS4

Tim Schafer hoping to Buy Back Double Fine Titles

414d ago - Clickonline writes "Double Fine’s founder, Tim Schafer, is hoping to buy back Costume Quest and S... | PC

The Year of Living Double Finely

430d ago - From Kickstarter to The Cave, Tim Schafer reflects on 12 eventful months in the life of his indie... | Dev

Tim Shafer needs $18 Million for Psychonauts 2

437d ago - Even Notch had to back out. | Industry

Tim Schafer to host 4th annual Ümloud! charity event

539d ago - Ümloud!, the Bay Area's biggest annual non-profit gaming fundraiser, has officially announced tha... | Culture

Tim Schafer to host Rock Band charity night

540d ago - Ümloud!, the annual San Francisco-area Rock Band charity event, announced that Brutal Legends and... | Culture

"Wisdom is lost" when teams disband after projects, laments Tim Schafer

542d ago - The practice of downsizing teams within the games industry after a project has completed is disas... | PC

Celebrating Rocktober 13th With Brutal Legend

551d ago - Today is a special day in gaming if you’re a fan of things that are awesome… or involve Tim Schaf... | Xbox 360

Tim Schafer: “Free-To-Play Is A Great Opportunity”

590d ago - Legendary game designer Tim Schafer believes that free-to-play gaming offers “a great opportunity... | Industry

Tim Schafer on free-to-play, showing works in progress and Brutal Legend's misleading marketing

590d ago - EuroGamer: "We caught up with Sir Timothy Schafer to gather his thoughts on free-to-play business... | Industry

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Minecraft, Day Z represent the “promise” of games, say Schafer, Wolpaw

591d ago - Respected writers Tim Schafer and Erik Wolpaw told PAX Prime 2012 audiences that games which favo... | PC

Video Games are No Laughing Matter

657d ago - This article discusses how humor has been used in the past to create memorable gaming experiences... | PC

ACMI announces public and industry events to accompany Game Masters’ opening this June

703d ago - The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) has just announced a series of both public and... | Culture

Atomic: Tim Schafer interview – The frustrating aspects of working with publishers

722d ago - Atomic: Legendary developer Tim Schafer talks about his upcoming visit to Melbourne’s Game Master... | Dev

Warren Spector joins Schafer, Molyneux at Game Masters’ opening this June

725d ago - The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) today announced that Warren Spector, the creato... | Industry
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