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MWEB Gamezone Review - Metro Last Light

676d ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie reviews Metro Last Light. Post-Apocalypse. Russia. Guns. Mutants.... | PC

ComicsBulletin's Darksiders II Review

958d ago - ComicsBulletin's Arden Kehoe - "Even if Darksiders doesn’t seem like your kind of game, I’d urge... | Xbox 360

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Icrontic review: The controversial PC version of Darksiders II

958d ago - Icrontic writes: "Death lives in Darksiders II, an ambitious sequel to an under-appreciated title... | PC

Review: Darksiders II | DualShockers

959d ago - Paul LaCen Writes "It’s interesting how the overall strength of a title can completely transform... | PC

Review: Nexuiz [RealTalkGaming]

1125d ago - Nexuiz is a game that started its life out as a Quake mod for PC and is coincidentally still free... | PC

TGF: WrestleFest Review

1133d ago - ThatGamerForum writes: "To say that wrestling games haven’t changed over the years would be a fla... | iPhone

Review: UFC Undisputed 3 [eGamer]

1134d ago - UFC Undisputed 3 is a lot better than previous iterations. It offers more to do and more to play... | Xbox 360

Saints Row: The Third Review []

1149d ago - Right from the beginning to say that the game Saints Row: The Third is one of the maddest games i... | PS3

Gaming Nexus- Saints Row: The Third- Genki Bowl VII Review

1159d ago - From the review: “After spending so much time talking about their ambitious downloadable content... | PC

Saints Row: The Third Review: All That Power- ThriftyNerd

1160d ago - Saints Row: The Third isn’t simply about being crazy just to be crazy. There’s an art to tiptoein... | PC

Saints Row: The Third Review #GameoftheYear

1184d ago - Review for my 2011 Game of the Year Saints Row the Third. | Xbox 360

The VGI Review: WWE 12

1202d ago - Wrestling games hold a special place in my heart. Not because I'm a former pro-wrestler and enjoy... | Wii

Saints Row: The Third Review |

1203d ago - PSEuphoria writes: "Saints Row: The Third out “GTAs” GTA–but is far from being a Grand Theft Auto... | PS3

Puss in Boots - a fine family-friendly furrytail (

1204d ago - There’s an unwritten rule in game development; if you’re tasked with creating a game that’s tied... | Xbox

WWE '12 Review | (PS3) - That Gamer Hub (

1209d ago - This year, THQ decided to go ahead and totally overhaul their fighting system and end the Smackdo... | Wii

VG Chartz gamrReview: WWE '12

1213d ago - On the table in-front of me are two relics of my not-too-distant youth, both of them mugs. The on... | Xbox 360

Saints Row The Third Review (Goozernation)

1215d ago - Saints Row The Third may be the perfect sandbox game from this generation of consoles. There is j... | PC

Saints Row The Third | Review (PC) - That Gamer Hub

1215d ago - To say that I am fond of the cast of characters from Saints Row 2 would be an understatement, so... | PC

Saints Row: The Third Review (Invision Game Community)

1215d ago - Saints Row: The Third is the newest addition to the Saints Row series, developed by Volition Inc... | PC

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WWE '12 Review | The Game Fanatics

1217d ago - Fans have been crying out for years that the WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW series was getting stale. Our... | Wii

WWE ’12 Review (

1222d ago - "With Smackdown! Vs. Raw series of Wrestling games and its predecessors having been the number on... | Wii

[Complex Magazine] Review: Big Stars Align For "WWE '12," But Problems Remain

1225d ago - The biggest star in WWE is still the Rock. Think about that for a few minutes. Yeah, yeah, the... | Wii

WWE '12 Review (Gaming Nexus)

1225d ago - Gaming Nexus' review of the new WWE '12 from THQ. | Xbox 360

DualShockers Review: Saints Row: The Third

1232d ago - Justin Hutchison of reviews the latest entry in Volition's open-world action fra... | PC
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