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Cancelled Saints Row Fighting Game Discovered

6d ago - Unseen64 has uncovered a canned Saints Row brawler game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was in devel... | Xbox 360

Fall of THQ: the inside story, and why triple-A budgets are too high

295d ago - If strong early sales of the next generation console blockbusters demonstrates that there's still... | PC

EA considered acquiring THQ in 2011

374d ago - EA considered purchasing THQ in late 2011, court documents have revealed. | Industry

THQ sues UFC and EA over UFC video game license

375d ago - Defunct publisher THQ is suing Electronic Arts and Zuffa, the parent company of the Ultimate Figh... | Industry

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THQ Gets Approval of Liquidating Plan Ending Bankruptcy

459d ago - Bloomberg: "THQ Inc. (THQIQ), the former video-game maker, won court approval of its liquidating... | Industry

Sega claiming $941,000 from THQ over Company of Heroes 2 preorders

467d ago - GS:Publisher files motion claiming $941,710.93 over Steam preorders for real-time strategy game a... | Industry

What went wrong at THQ, according to Danny Bilson

528d ago - EDGE - Mismanagement of studios and transition from kids licensed games to core led to failure, s... | Industry

THQ was too slow to change, claims former exec

528d ago - Former THQ executive Danny Bilson has claimed that the now-bankrupt publisher "couldn't change fa... | Industry

Codemasters seeks over $1m from THQ, Double Fine $595,000

544d ago - Microsoft, Konami and Sony Pictures also reportedly owed money as THQ's debt is detailed. | PC

Bidding closed on THQ auction of Darksiders, Red Faction, and more, $6M to $7M expected

548d ago - Bidding has closed on the bankruptcy auction for defunct publisher THQ's remaining game propertie... | PC

Metro: Last Light Available For Preorder on Steam, Locking out of Ranger Mode Causes Controversy

560d ago - Steam have announced that Metro: Last Light can be preorderd. Deep Silver also announced the bonu... | PC

WWE Legend Kane Talks WrestleMania 29, Team Hell No And 2K Sports Video Game Challenge

568d ago - Like many WWE superstars and divas, Kane is a big gamer. He also happens to be a big guy (7 feet... | Xbox 360

Darksiders II to be Removed from European Wii U eShop on March 31

569d ago - Action-adventure game Darksiders II will be taken down from the Wii U eShop in Europe on March 31... | Wii U

THQ Titles Begin to Disappear on PlayStation Store

570d ago - THQ is gone and many of its top IPs have been bought up by other companies. This has meant some f... | PS3

THQ Games Featured in This Week's Humble Bundle

571d ago - Maximum PC: The infamous Humble Bundle is proof positive that not all gamers are cheapskates. You... | PC

THQ UK Turns Their Twitter Account Into A Graveyard

597d ago - Gameranx: " Yesterday was the last day in the office for the staff of THQ in the UK, and in a fit... | Industry

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Talks The Package, Grown Ups 2, WWE 13 And Attitude Era

605d ago - -- When it comes to pro wrestling, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has done it all – both i... | Culture

WWE Legend Edge Talks Attitude Era, Video Games And Syfy TV Show Haven

608d ago - The Attitude Era of World Wrestling Entertainment in the focus of THQ’s latest video game, WWE 13... | Xbox 360

Take-Two takes over the WWE video game franchise

613d ago - As reported by Bloomberg, Take-Two Interactive is going to be working with Yu... | Xbox 360

THQ Distribution on hold in South Africa

614d ago - THQ Inc. has put distribution of all gaming titles on hold with immediate effect in South Africa. | PC

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

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Brian Farrell Cashes In All Of His THQ Stock For $3,000

615d ago - According to a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, THQ‘s former Chi... | Industry

THQ's Games Delisted from XBLA - Nexuiz is Here to Stay

621d ago - Austin Griffith,'s Xbox 360 Editor gives all the details on THQ's games dropping of... | Xbox 360

The collapse of THQ: The full story

626d ago - Former THQ president Jason Rubin has said the firm has “every chance to survive had it not made m... | GameCube

The Hubs News

627d ago - This week in Hub News Greg Burke looks at the disassembly of THQ and the state of the WWE franchi... | Culture

Ex-Midway exec: THQ collapse "the exact same"

628d ago - Lee Jacobson sees parallels between two pubs' collapses, talks about difficulty of killing doomed... | Industry
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