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  Interview with Bifrost's Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder (Part One)

Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder of Bifrost Entertainment, chatted with Cat about the semi-mystical founding of Bifrost, why he thinks the Xbox One is “...

Thomas Was Alone Reviews  

Vandal- Thomas Was Alone Review

442d ago - Vandal:Thomas Was Alone is, as a game of puzzles and platforms, very good. We can not deny it. Th... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone (PlayStation Network) Review - Push Square

443d ago - Push Square: "Thomas Was Alone is an engrossing puzzle platformer that introduces some believable... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone - Double Review (AATG)

443d ago - "...I can see where this game gets a reputation for being “lovely” and “adorable”, but for me it... | PC

Thomas Was Alone Review | Total Revue

443d ago - Total Revue: As the gaming industry becomes more and more saturated with explosions, shouting and... | PC

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Thomas Was Alone Review - GamesReviews

443d ago - From GamesReviews: "When Sony opened their doors and welcomed indie games to be sold on their PS... | PS3

411mania - Thomas Was Alone Review

444d ago - 411mania - Thomas Was Alone has a great narrative. It features love, hatred, friendship, self-que... | PS Vita

Gi - Thomas Was Alone (PS3) Review

444d ago - Gi - Thomas Was Alone is a title for PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Developed by Mike Bithell, Thomas... | PS3

Review: Thomas Was Alone (New Gamer Nation)

444d ago - Originally a flash game created by Mike Bithell, then expanded and released onto Mac and PC, Tho... | PS Vita

Gamereactor Denmark- Thomas Was Alone Review

445d ago - GR:Thomas Was Alone is a very special experience. The graphics are simple and minimalist, and may... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone Review | Gaming Age

449d ago - Gaming Age: "Buy it for yourself. Buy it for your friends. Buy it for random strangers on the str... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone review | Gaming Capacity

449d ago - Thomas Was Alone is a simplistic and charming indie game with a distinctive concept. The story is... | PS3

Gamesradar- Thomas Was Alone Review

450d ago - GR:When given the right motivation, it’s easy to imagine a pile of polygons on a TV screen as an... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone Review | Entertainium

451d ago - Entertainium's Callum Rakestraw gives us the lowdown on Thomas Was Alone. | PC

Thomas Was Alone REVIEW | HeyUGuys Gaming

451d ago - Give a read of our review of the truly unique Thomas Was Along here at HeyUGuys Gaming. | PS3

Thomas Was Alone (PS3 Review) - Game Revolution

451d ago - "Thomas Was Alone is weird. At its core, it's a game about rectangles with unique abilities that... | PC

MTV- Thomas Was Alone Review

451d ago - MTV:There's something to be said for simplicity. Not to start off on a rant, but a lot of "AAA" g... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone and Benjamin’s Flight DLC: PS3 and PS Vita Game Review-A Darker Image

453d ago - The game is, at its heart, a platformer. You start off as Thomas, a square representing an AI pro... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone review | Gamesblip

453d ago - Gamesblip writes about Curve Studios' Thomas Was Alone for the Vita and PS3. | PS3

Thomas Was Alone | Review (Only Single Player)

453d ago - "Can rectangles make you cry? Prior to playing Mike Bithell’s independent puzzle platformer Th... | PS3

GamerTell Review: Thomas Was Alone

454d ago - From the review, "I can’t even determine when I started caring so much about these quadrilaterals... | PS3

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CGM Reviews: Thomas Was Alone

455d ago - Sony continues its mandate to bring unique, independent games to the PS3 and Vita (one of the rea... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone Review | gamrReview

455d ago - gamrReview: "Thomas Was Alone is one of those games that some will love unashamedly while others... | PC

Gamespot- Thomas Was Alone Review

455d ago - GS:Thomas Was Alone humanizes nondescript squares, creating an affecting and satisfying adventure. | PS3

DLC Review: Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin’s Flight [AnalogHype]

456d ago - Thomas Was Alone returns in this story-oriented DLC for the puzzle-platformer. But is it worth th... | PS3

Review: Thomas Was Alone | Boss Dungeon

457d ago - Boss Dungeon's Trevor Stears reviews Thomas Was Alone. | PC

Thomas Was Alone

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