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Curve Studios: Consistently ahead of the Curve

104d ago - Curve Studios has been making games for several years and they make games the way they needed to... | PC

Top 10 Mobile Games of May 2014

142d ago - This was an interesting month for mobile games. Many of the titles which had high hopes seemed to... | iPhone

Thomas Was Alone – a tasty deconstructed treat

146d ago - GamesAsylum: "If Thomas Was Alone was a plate of food on Masterchef, it would be a deconstructed... | PC

Vikkie was Alone

188d ago - Vikkie is back to take a look at the story in games, and talk about the way that narrative is thr... | PC

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The Trials of an "Indie Fan"

209d ago - Jack talks about the struggles of being an indie fan caused by the struggles facing "indie" studios. | Culture

In Thomas Was Alone, Sound Design Is Everything

262d ago - GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Back when it was brand new, I played the prototype Flash versi... | PC

Seven Underrated PlayStation Titles from 2013

270d ago - | Finding yourself with some spare gaming time? Check out these seven underrated Pl... | PS3

Twenty-thirteen: The year of the voice

300d ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco's been hearing voices all year long. Luckily, they've been truly ca... | Industry

Review Of The Year 2013: April

304d ago - April wasn’t exactly a stellar month for gamers. With no huge releases, events or announcements m... | PC

GodisaGeek GOTY: Best Handheld Game

309d ago - GodisaGeek: "For many of the team here, 2013 will be remembered as “Year of the Handheld”. The 3D... | PS Vita

3 Amazing games you may have missed in 2013

314d ago - MMGN: While Game of the Year accolades are being marinated in a zesty lemon vinegar in preparatio... | PC

20 Great Indie Games from 2013 You Won't Want to Miss

327d ago - | From Gone Home to Cookie Clicker, we offer up twenty awesome indie games worthy o... | PC

The Games Of The Generation: Developer's Choice

342d ago - VideoGamer: "Some of the industry's biggest developers have their say in what they believe to be... | Wii

Doing More With Less: Gaming's Best Examples of Minimalism

407d ago - Hardcore Gamer: It's a style that may be in its infamacy, but has still managed to produce a host... | PC

Matter Of Perspective: Thomas Was Alone

416d ago - The most famous pop culture examples of interactions between artificial intelligence and humans s... | PC

Admit One (A Small List of Single Player Masterpieces)

428d ago - Every gamer enjoys a good multiplayer experience, and over the last ten years there has a been a... | Industry

Win over indies on PS4 & you’ll win next -gen. It’s that simple – in the future small games are big

429d ago - OPM: Ask any of the money men behind this once pure-as-the-driven-Pong industry, and they’ll tell... | PS4

The Making Of: Thomas Was Alone

434d ago - EDGE - The indie game that gave blocks real personality wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t won its own... | PC

Making Unique Games is a Huge Risk for Publishers

444d ago - Hardcore Gamer: The industry hasn't reached a point yet where creative games are awarded big budg... | Xbox 360

The PS Vita's future lies with the indies and the niche

478d ago - Nathan Misa of writes: "Even if you don't buy or like indie, the amount of titles on the... | PS Vita

PS4 Game Release Dates

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3 Gems in the World of Gaming

513d ago - Gaming has been a way of life for many in this day and age. In fact, many gamers dedicate so much... | PC

Ten brilliant Vita games no one told you about

517d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "This week we're going to have a look at that console that everyone... | PS Vita

5 Indie Games Sony Needs on PlayStation

521d ago - Take a look at the 5 indie games that should be on PlaySataion. *Preview* Since the start of... | PSP

10 best new PS3 indie games - OPM

526d ago - With the big PlayStation indie push meaning some excellent games for PS3 and PS Vita, OPM take a... | PS3

Thomas Was Alone... But His Game Sure Is Fun

526d ago - This indie game is deceptively bare-bones and presents a surprisingly touching story. | PC
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