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184d ago ... Here they are, the N4G GOTY winners as chosen by YOU, the N4G users! That's right, all nominations and votes come from registered N4G users! Thousands of votes were cast and here we are, the games of 2014: News Story of the Year LizardSquad DDoS on PSN/XBL Best Voice Acting Trey Parker, various, South Park: The Stick of Truth Most Replayable Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Best New VG...

The Misuse of Metacritic

333d ago ... There’s this teaching that I remember from my youth. A knife is just a knife, it has no inherent good or bad to it. In the hands of a surgeon or chef, it can be used for immense good. In the hands of a killer or thief, it can be used for bad. This pretty much sums up my opinion of Metacritic. It’s a tool. No, not that kind of tool - the other kind. There is a misunderstanding of what Metacritic...

Deus Ex HR gives hope to gamers everywhere

1468d ago ... The new Deus Ex game is great. What makes it so great? It's great because it has the balls to do something that most games these days don't: stick to its roots. Sure, there are minor changes here and there, but Deus Ex is a game that recognizes it came from somewhere. The developers didn't act like they were geniuses from heaven here to bestow upon us their vision. No, they knew that there were...

PSN Credit Card outrage

1590d ago ... I seem to be on this subject like white on rice, but as with an ever evolving issue; ever evolving opinions come with it. This blog focuses on the attitudes people have been having since Sony decided to caution people of the POSSIBILITY that credit card information was stolen. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Sony issued an official statement that they will be emailing certain...

Five First Person Games that show the genre could be so much more.

1626d ago ... I'd just like to make it clear that whilst FPS could be included thats not what this post is about. The first person perspective can do so much more than put a rifle in the corner of the screen and get you to shoot endless waves of identikit enemies. Too many games these days are happy to dance to COD tune. Thief. Thief for me is the stealth game. It required observation and patience and ulti...
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