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The World Ends With You 2 is Still a Possibility

140d ago - With Square Enix making sequel after sequel on most of its other franchises, it's easy to assume... | Nintendo DS

10 Best Android RPGs

477d ago - Games Reviewer lists the 10 best Android RPGs. Check out the list which is composed of the top ro... | Android

Why $20 for The World ends with You on mobile is worth it

512d ago - G3AR writes: "It’s no secret that Square Enix have a history of charging exorbitant prices for th... | Mobile

The 7 best iPad RPGs

643d ago - These RPGs will keep you glued to your iPad screen for literally hundreds of hours. | iPhone

Ten essential RPGs and JRPGs for serious gamers on the iPad

905d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "hat device that so many "hardcore" gamers claim is incapable of pla... | iPad

8 classic iPhone JRPGs that any gamer should play

967d ago - takes a look at 8 classic JRPG titles that any gamer with an iPhone should play. Gre... | iPhone

Pixel Related's 2012 GOTY Awards: Best Handheld/Mobile Game

1039d ago - Here’s the scenario: You’re on a bus waiting to go to work, but you want to play something while... | iPhone

Top 3 iOS Games for August 2012

1167d ago -'s Top 3 iOS Games for August, 2012. | iPhone

The World Ends With You's Solo Remix: A small step toward something greater

1170d ago - Joystiq: "This isn't Square Enix dashing hopes of a sequel; it's Square Enix raising those hopes... | iPhone

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of the Month for August '12

1174d ago - The month of August was a great month for RPG fans. We have seen 3 excellent ports from Square En... | iPhone

So Are We Getting A The World Ends With You Sequel Or What?

1176d ago - Square Enix puts up a countdown site and it only leads up to an iOS port. Mysterious, excitement-... | Nintendo DS

The World Ends With You Is Actually A Pretty Good Port

1183d ago - Kotaku: "Look, nothing justifies what Square Enix did. Setting up a weekly countdown that everyon... | iPhone

I can’t bring myself to buy the same game twice

1184d ago - Ben Salter of MMGN: The World Ends With You is a fantastic game from 2008 that never amassed more... | Culture
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The World Ends With You - Solo Remix

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The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Release Dates
iOS Release Dates
us June 27, 2015 5 Months Ago
uk June 27, 2015 5 Months Ago
Android Release Dates
us June 25, 2014 17 Months Ago
uk June 25, 2014 17 Months Ago
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