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The War Z sold 2.8m copies despite dismal reception

225d ago - Open world zombie survival sim Infestation: Survivor Stories - better known under its original na... | PC

Steam Game Banning Players, Gets Petition.

769d ago - A petition has been created to get Steam game removed. | PC

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The War Z changed name to Infestation: Survivor Stories

800d ago - Today Hammerpoint Interactive, confirmed that The War Z game will now be called Infestation: Surv... | PC

The War Z 75% Off

804d ago - The game that was put on Steam and then removed for false advertising has finally made it’s way b... | PC

The War Z: Fun brakes hiking in the virtual prison - game developer accesses tough measures

862d ago - Cheaters and hackers put in almost every online game is a problem represents the question remains... | PC

The War Z Developers Investigate Hacking Of Forums & Database

868d ago - The War Z has been surrounded by controversy since its release but this time it’s not about stole... | PC

The War Z Taken Offline – Forum AND Game Database Hacked

878d ago - If there was ever any part of you which still felt for some reason that The War Z might be worth... | PC

The War Z has been Hacked: Emails and Passwords Leaked

879d ago - OP Productions LLC has recently sent out an email to all War Z players regarding a security issue... | PC

The War Z producer says fans would be outraged if they couldn't lose micro-transaction items

883d ago - EuroGamer: "The War Z executive producer Sergey Titov claimed that he gets a lot of fans who say... | PC

4Chan Awards List Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, War Z As Worst Games Of The Year

908d ago - Gaming Blend "A list of “vidya gaem awards” have been handed out by the underbelly of the interne... | PC

The Escapist: The War Z Shambles Back to Life on Steam

912d ago - From the Escapist: On December 28, 2012, Hammerpoint Interactive released an open-world zombie s... | PC

The War Z Returns to Steam, False Advertising Continues

912d ago - In another questionable move by a major figurehead within the video game industry, Valve has perm... | PC

After all the controversy, The War Z is back on Steam

913d ago - "Hammerpoint Interactive’s The War Z has found its way back to Steam after mo... | PC

DayZ creator is angry at War Z

954d ago - "Dean "Rocket" Hall did a AMA(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to discuss the upcom... | PC

The WarZ Becomes An Early Contender For The Worst Reviewed Game Of The Year

966d ago - The first batch of reviews for post-apocalyptic zombie game the WarZ are in – and they aren’t loo... | PC

The War Z servers back online after suffering various shutdown attempts

966d ago - Servers for Hammerpoint Interactive's The War Z are back online after suffering numerous shutdown... | PC

The War Z Servers Under Attack

967d ago - The War Z continues its bumpy development cycle as the servers recently came under attack from a... | PC

Day Z Creator Says He Considered Quitting Over The War Z

973d ago - GameFront writes: "We’ve all been hearing a lot lately about the fiasco surrounding The War Z,... | PC

The War Z | Legal Issues Continue To Hound Zombie MMO

973d ago - Since its "Foundation Release" before Christmas the upcoming zombie MMO game, The War Z, hasn't m... | PC

The War Z | Developer Harasses Streamer For Hacker Names

973d ago - The streamer, Artemisknives, was live streaming a clan fight on The War Z after collecting a doze... | PC


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Maybe The WarZ Is More Fun If You Use Cheats…

974d ago - Kotaku: "It's easy to lose sight of it amongst the politics and apologies, but The WarZ isn't a v... | PC

The War Z Producer Issues Open Letter

974d ago - There’s no denying that The War Z has received some rather unpopular remarks of late. Attention f... | PC

War Z Creator Says His Game’s Trademark Wasn’t Suspended

977d ago - Kotaku: "Over the past few days, I've received tons of tips and e-mails about the trademark for c... | PC

The War Z pummeled on Metacritic, down to 1.2 user score

978d ago - Hammerpoint Interactive, the studio behind The War Z, has faced the Mayan predicted apocalypse re... | PC

“War Z” trademark Suspended - Game will have to be renamed

978d ago - There is something interesting showing up if you check the “United States Patent and Trademark Of... | PC
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