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User Review : The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 4 "Amid The Ruins"

  • Emotionally the best ride
  • Clementine being a kid is starting to finally show
  • Your choices do not seem to matter
  • Illusion of choices

TellTale comes out... with another great, yet underrated Episode

So I can talk about this episode more thorough, this will contain minor spoilers.

It's either my stupid brains, or not, but every Episode after another Episode has been just giving me the opinion that I want Season Three. Season Two in the beginning wasn't very promising, but it went gold when William "Bill" Carver was introduced. It might've been the first time in a video game when my heart was beating when I thought Carver was gonna kill Kenny. The Walking Dead: Season Two has gotten me to a emotional level in video games, and the only games that have done that are Metal Gear games the first Walking Dead Season.

After doubting my morality when I cut Sarita's arm off, I found out that it was morally wrong. Just in the last Episode I left to watch Kenny beating up Carver, and now I got the words "You stupid FUC**NG kid!" from Kenny's mouth, which, also, hurt me on the emotional level, as I've always defended him as Lee and as Clementine (even when Kenny went on to kill Larry) and him screaming to me about a subject where I tought I was doing the right thing was just unnecessary.

It didn't take long until I realized that Kenny is right; I finished his new girlfriend cold-blooded, and axed her to death.

This and the third Episode have been the most emotional rides of all time for me in gaming history and it deserves more appreciation from critics. When all is said and done, I actually somehow got the argument sorted out. Then, at pretty much end of the episode, Luke did something really stupid which got me to hate this characters brains out. He want's to have fun once in a while? Wouldn't we all if we would be in this situation? We just can't.

Usually, most of the people play The Walking Dead trying to be a hero, but I try to play it how I'd act in this situation in real life. Leaving Sarah behind, I was thinking what's best for the group, not what's best for her. I don't want someone to die because of Sarah.

Another thing, again from Kenny, which got me thinking about this whole second season was the words "You think because you're a little girl you can just get people killed and no one will care? That because you're "sorry" it'll all magically go away?" This statement in a way or another is very true. I just don't mean it in this game, but also in real life; if kid does something stupid, it's easily forgiven because he or she is just a child, but if adult would be doing it, there's a hell incoming.

Even though I've been praising this Episode over again and again, there's the typical error here which has been bothering the whole Season. Do your choices even matter? I was watching videos from YouTube to see alternative choices, and even If I would've taken Sarah with me, she would've died anyway later on. Then there's a choice where you can either agree with Kenny or with Luke, but no matter who you choose, the whole end result is just the same. Nothing changes, kinda. Few lines change, but these changes are just lazy; basically, if you picks Kenny's side, Luke rages towards Kenny; but if you pick Luke, Kenny will rages towards Luke, and they both have the same dialogue. Very lazy.

What's the point to give me an illusion of choice if it does not matter? Don't give me the choice if it's really not my choice. This same thing could be said about Season One and The Wolf Among Us, but in those games it's not that conspicuous.

I really, really do want to give an 9 or 10 for this Episode, but the illusion choices downgrade the number.

The graphics are still pretty much the same as in the other episodes. Nothing's really been changed.
Voice acting at it's finest. You do not even need subtitles because it was so clear. The ending theme is also great
No really action that much, but of course The Walking Dead shouldn't rely on that.
Fun Factor
What do you expect from The Walking Dead? It's fun to play it and you feel sad after an Episode ends because you want more.
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