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User Review : The Walking Dead: Episode 3 "Long Road Ahead"

  • Dark, emotional story.
  • Tough choices.
  • Large moments.
  • Laggy in one spot.

Three episodes in, and it's already breaking my heart.......

When I first downloaded the first Walking Dead episode back in May, I didn't knew what to expect. What I got was one of the best interactive adventure games I've ever played. Then, two months later, "Starved For Help" released, and improved a lot on the first episode.

With "Long Road Ahead", Telltale have delivered the most emotional episode to date, along with a much darker tone in story. The episode's main premise is on surviving in a world that nobody remembers, and focuses on Lee and the others leaving the motel on the road to Savannah. The episode had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode, and watching some characters die made me cry inside. The episode does have some big moments, and I couldn't stop myself from watching them again and again on YouTube.

The soundtrack, once again, is great and definitely sets the mood for certain moments. The script is well written, and voice acting is superb, so that gets a big tick.

The gameplay is still quite simple; use the LS to move your reticule around to highlight objects and press any of the buttons shown. In conversations, press any of the buttons, when prompted, and Lee will speak in that tone. These speech options and choices you make along the way DO matter, as characters will remember either the choices you make, or the way you treated them.
In one part you are given controls of a rifle, and has you sniping bandits from cover. Sure, it's a good addition to the gameplay mechanics, but we've all seen this before, right?

The graphics once again follow the traditional comic-book style, and since The Walking Dead started out as a comic series, this is a big plus. Only one problem, is that in one certain area near the end of the episode, the frame rate drops, but not terribly low, and this only applies for one area.


"Long Road Ahead" is yet another great episode, and while I have hopes for "Around Every Corner", I doubt it'll be able to top LRA. This is the definitive Walking Dead episode to date, and I can't wait to see how the series ends........

Still retains the comic-book style graphics, but does get laggy in one area.
Great soundtrack, well written script and great voice acting.
Still the same old same old, but it's been like this for the past two episodes too, so I'll let that pass. Wasn't too fond of the sniping part, however....
Fun Factor
Will make you want to create another save, and see how different choices affect the episode.
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