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User Review : The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1 "All That Remains"

  • Voice acting is amazing
  • Interesting story
  • smart writing
  • Wonky controls
  • Lots of loading
  • Real short

Is this an undead nightmare or a walking masterpiece?

When I first heard that telltale game's were going to make a walking dead game my first thought was "how?". Would it be a Resident evil clone or something else entirely? Fortunately they didn't go that route a stick with something more familiar. Just like past telltale game's, "The Walking Dead" uses an point and click adventure game template. But unlike other telltale game's "The walking dead" has violence, gore, and morality.

The game starts you off as Lee Everett, on his way out of Atlanta just before the outbreak started. For reasons unknown to the player(but you will find out as the game progresses), Lee is being escorted out of town in a police cruiser. As the time passes the police officer tries to make small talk, little did he know that would get him killed...

One of my favorite aspects about "The walking dead" is the constant use of a conversational wheel, yes i know we have seen them in other games before but not to the same extent that "The walking dead" does. It works by giving 4 chooses, depending on the situation you have a certain amount of time to respond. Depending on your response the character will start to like and trust you or loath and more suspicious of you.
That's not the only thing that the game has going for it ether, it also has some of the best VO and writing i have ever heard in a game. Even the kid's are realistic enough to make you feel for their plight. As the story goes on, you really do feel a connection with these characters but, as this leads me to my main complaint, you never really get enough time by the end of the episode to really get a good feel on who they are and what they did before the infection.

The graphics are pretty good and you can tell that they really took a few points from the graphic novels because of the art style is clearly reminiscent of a hand drawn comic book. My only qualms with the graphics is that the animations can look a litte ugly and poorly animated. I also noticed some pop in when transitioning between load screen(which there are alot of)and level.

The game controls how you would expect a puzzle adventure game to control. Since the whole control scheme is context based you only have two main control inputs that always does the same thing. The left analog stick moves Lee and the right one moves the camera and cursor. My major gripe with the controls are that they feel kinda wonky.It kinda feels like an upgraded control scheme of Resident evil: code veronica.

2 years ago, if you came up to me and said that there would be a good "The walking dead game" not based around the zombie killing, I would have thought you were crazy. Well it turns out telltale are the crazy ones! Making a zombie game based around the story is one of the most unique things I have played in months.

Gives a real comic book vibe with lots of blood and gore. Other than ugly animations and some pop in the game looks really good.
The VO is some of the best in the industry with an astounding soundtrack
Really wonky controls makes it feel kinda outdated but the satisfying kills, fun puzzles, and a unique moral and conversation system really helps this from being another repetitive adventure game.
Fun Factor
With one of the most intriguing story's ever offered on PSN, for $5 I say get it now!
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Commander-Koslun2212d ago

Excellent review, can't wait for the next episode.