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User Review : The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1 "All That Remains"

  • Player choices
  • Narrative
  • Characters
  • Less gameplay time

Can Telltale succeed in providing a mature zombie game?

I remember whilst watching the gameplay video of this game when it leaked on youtube thinking it was boring. “Oh point and click, this is going to be so much fun” I said with sarcasm dripping from my mouth. Now that I’ve actually finished Part 1 of this game, I can’t help but think how TellTale have managed to create a beautiful game that stays true to its roots. It’s all about player interactions, tough decisions, moral choices and some QTE’s, along with a comic book art style that perfectly fits the story driven nature of this game.

The game opens with ‘you’ being driven on your way to jail for committing a murder. ‘You’ are Lee Everett a former teacher who murders a US senator because he found him messing around with his wife. You find a young girl known as Clementine near an empty house. I’m not going to delve further into the story because that is one of the most beautiful parts of this game and I think each player should experience it him/herself.

You do encounter a few characters from the TV show in the game like Hershel whose farm you visit and Glenn. The voice acting is top-notch and the story is riveting which makes you want to finish the game in one go. Don’t expect this game to be a zombie-smash fest though, this game is purely for story with gameplay elements very limited. You get to know the characters and the background of Lee is revealed as the game progresses.

The gameplay is mostly like a point and click adventure game. Exploration is a very important feature in the game. There are times when you feel like you’re stuck but exploring all the areas will lead you to a solution. You can move around (restrictedly though) using W,A,S,D on the PC. You use the number keys to select between certain actions like looking and talking and use the mouse to look around.

There are quicktime events that you have to respond within seconds and they rightly capture the survival horrer-esque feel of the game. Sometimes you may find a zombie right about to eat you and you have to repeatedly press Q and E to save yourself, or you may have to move your cursor to a certain spot(most likely the head) to smash the zombies brains out. The game certainly doesn’t shy away from blood and gore and one scene shows a zombie eating the insides of a man.

Conversations have a time limit and you have to choose an answer carefully. You can play the game to suit your style and many a times you will be making important decisions. You can choose to be the nice guy or can be a jackass but all of the decisions aren’t entirely black and white. If you trust certain people, they will notice that and remember it in the future which could be helpful for you. People remember how you treat them and react in a similar fashion later. Whether you want to reveal to the people you meet in the game that you are a murderer is entirely up to you and the people will react differently to you depending on your choice.

The only downsides to this game is that sometimes you may not have enough time to choose a certain conversation option before the timer runs out and you might get stuck occasionally if you don’t explore often. There is also not much gameplay compared to your average game but it won't matter much if you enjoy the story.

The game ends on what can be called as a cliffhanger. I won’t spoil the ending for you but let’s just say that you will not be disappointed. At the end of the game they show you a ‘Coming Next’ video for what to expect in Episode 2 and also a handy set of statistics based on your choices with the rest of the worlds.

Telltales Walking Dead Series opens up to a smashing start with A New Day. If you’re looking for a zombie killing fest then you’re better off playing Left 4 Dead but if you want a story driven game with player choices that matter then this game is for you.

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Nice review man, very informative.

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