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User Review : The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day"

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    Hey Clem!

    So the game starts out with our protagonist Lee sitting in the back of a police car on his way to jail after being convicted of a crime in Atlanta, Georgia. ON his way to jail the policeman driving his car is distracted and then hits a walker, the car swerves violently off the side of a road down a hill where Lee is knocked unconscious. One you awaking you get free of the police car and have you first encounter with a walker. Once Lee gets away he come across some houses and finds one with the back door open he tries to find help but no-one is around that is until he hears a voice come over a walkie-talkie and it is a young girl called Clementine hiding in her tree house, so Lee tells here to come with him and will keep here safe. Once the leave the house they look for help and find two people stranded with their car stuck behind other cars so Lee helps and one offers them a ride to his dad’s farm.

    Once Lee is on the farm you meet Hershel he is the one that owns the farm and you also meet another family, Hershel offers to let Lee stay and Lee offer to help fortify his farm in return. But the problems are only starting the next day walkers attack the farm and Lee, Clementine and the other family decide to take off once Hershel tells them to leave. After for surviving for so long they decide to stop in Macon to search for supplies but after a zombie encounter the take refuge in a drug store and meet another group of survivors.

    You decide to work together and end up staying at an abandoned motor inn which they clear out of zombies and fortify against other attacks. This is when the story really takes off and you find yourself enjoying peoples company, hating other peoples company and being suspicious other people you encounter. The team goes through a lot together and some leave some die and some survive.

    The game is a third person graphic adventure game but does have a lot of other camera angles throwing in at different times and situations. The game is played by using in my case the keyboard to move and you use the mouse to look around and select the highlighted actions, there are also quick time events in the game that require you to press buttons single or multiple times and click on certain interactive points. Instead of getting you to solve lots of puzzle like most point and click games this game is all about character interaction and building which works very well with the story and how it is executed.

    The game is very heavy on story and that is the main force behind the game you can carried out different actions for interactive points most of the time but you are still limited to what you can do overall. The movement of the player can sometimes be difficult or awkward when they are walking; you are also limited to certain parts of an area that you are with invisible walls stopping you from progressing.

    You are also giving the opportunity to pick what you say at different points through the game which gives a different outcome as it affects how the other characters feel and or think about you. For the most case these point really do make you think about other characters and you see the way the treat you depends on what you say or do to them, I really enjoy this it makes you feel like you do have an impact on the group which helps a lot with the story and is a really great feature to have although there are sometimes where choices you make have little to no effect on how anybody reacts or the game is played out. Some of the selection you have to make is given a time limit some long some very short and it is up to you to pick as fast as you can doing this makes the choice you have to pick some more real as in an emergency in real life you don’t always have a lot of time to think things over.

    The enemies in the game or only as hard or dangerous depends on the situation, there seems to be no A.I or at least no free enemy A.I such as flanking or taking cover. What the enemies do all depends on the story and the situations that you are in for example there will be part where zombies walk by you then the next minute they realise you are there just because the story has progressed rather than them just finding you. But at the end of it the enemies are also limited to what they can do and you will get through every encounter as long as you pay attention to what is going on and react quickly if not you will die very quickly which is a good result.

    There were a good few weapons that you use including sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, butchers knife and tools. Even though you didn’t always need or use a weapon and didn’t have a lot of option of how or when you used it I’m glad they put in a variety of weapons but still kept the amount of guns low after all the characters are normal people not soldiers so they don’t have a lot of experience with them.

    I really liked the graphical choice they made to go with a comic book style of graphic’s which is similar to that of Borderlands, even though you may thing the graphics might be limited or do not have a lot of detail you will be pleasantly surprised the amount of detail was amazing. You saw little additions such as veins on the leaves on tree’s, small nails in fences, creases in clothes and the detail of the characters faces.

    The animations overall where very nice smooth and realistic but there were a few occasions that the animations looked very stiff in motion which did ruin them slightly but for most of the animations they did not have this problem just a few. The facial expressions from the characters after something happens is also very detailed and you get a good sense of how sad or happy they are for instance even without them saying a word it is a really nice addition to the game and helps with the deep story and shows the effects your actions have.

    The voice acting for everyone main character or not was really well done and the actors cast for each role where ideal and done an amazing job. The emotions the managed to convey through there voice was really noticeable and you always had a sense that each character had a different personality and feeling through what they said. To me Dave Fennoy “Lee” and Melissa Hutchison “Clementine” done such a fantastic job some character in the game stay with you for a while but to me I didn’t make more of a connection or even the some connection with them as I did for Lee and Clementine.

    The audio was very good from the music during certain parts to the background noises added in such as hearing birds singing in the forest, crickets in the countryside and thunder when there was a storm coming. All the little background audio they have added in helped to just increase the immersion that this game gives you and even though you might not think you would notice these sounds you do and it just adds to the different atmospheres. The music was not over used by putting it into every part of the game which was nice and I feel it helped in the long run.

    Over all I would give the game a 9 out of 10 and would recommend this to anyone that enjoys games quick time events or not, walking dead fans or even just fans of zombies the story is so gripping you don’t care it is a point and click style game you will fall in love with the characters and the story I feel this game brings a new depth to storytelling in games and the fact your choice effect the outcome of the game is always welcome to me, you will have hours of fun and it has that replay value that games can lack it is well worth the purchase. One last thing if you feel a bit sceptical get it on steam during the sale if you have to but you have to admit you did feel sad at the very end of the last episode I think everyone that played it did.

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