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The Unfinished Swan Reviews  

The Unfinished Swan Review | Metal Arcade

510d ago - Metal Arcade: JJ Evangelista writes: The Unfinished Swan. Wow. All I can really say!... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan | Review

545d ago - premiersoupir from writes: One of the reasons that I really appreciate the company... | PS3

Review: The Unfinished Swan | GGS Gamer

552d ago - GGS Gamer: So here I sit, a few hours after I played through The Unfinished Swan, and I am still... | PS3

Ginx-The Unfinished Swan Review

577d ago - GX:The wild goose chase. They pop up everywhere in gaming. Fetch quests, achievement hunts, key p... | PS3

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The Unfinished Swan Review | Game Podunk

592d ago - GP writer Jason Clement reviews The Unfinished Swan on PS3. | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | Console Monster

597d ago - Console Monster: "The Unfinished Swan is best seen as an interactive bedtime story. There are no... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | GameCritics

597d ago - GameCritics: "The Unfinished Swan isn't without its charms, and there were moments in the abandon... | PS3

TB: The Unfinished Swan Review – Paint Splatters and Hidden Balloons

600d ago - TB: Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan turned a lot of heads at E3 this year as yet another one... | PS3

Follow the… Golden Swan Tracks? The Unfinished Swan Review For PS3 [Gamer Living]

602d ago - Gamer Living's Rachel McBurney explores the world of The Unfinished Swan to paint the town black... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | Esperino

611d ago - Few games are as immediately striking as The Unfinished Swan, a downloadable title on sale via th... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Playstation 3 Review - All Age Gaming

618d ago - I can’t imagine how difficult it is as a developer to create a game that pushes boundaries, goes... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review - Midlife Gamer

620d ago - Derek "Digi" McRoberts says: "It seems that as the modern game industry grows there is now a dist... | PS3

Toronto Thumbs Review: The Unfinished Swan

621d ago - From the Review: "The Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade are awesome places to find some... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | Weeaboos With Controllers

623d ago - WWC: "The Unfinished Swan started off as a student project created by Ian Dallas while studying a... | PS3

A Finished Masterpiece | Unfinished Swan Review | BagoGames

624d ago - A short, but one of the most engaging games I've played so far this year. I would have no problem... | PS3

GameArena - The Unfinished Swan Review

624d ago - GameArena - So it’s 4am, and I’ve just seen the final credits roll on The Unfinished Swan. It’s n... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | Analog Addiction

624d ago - Analog Addiction writes: "When we were raised by our parents, they tried to teach us everythin... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan (PS3) - AATG's Review

624d ago - "We often get caught up in the question of whether games can be art, but perhaps when things swin... | PS3

OXCGN’s The Unfinished Swan PSN Review: Splat, Splat, Splat

626d ago - OXCGN "You may have noticed over the last few years that the Playstation 3 is home to some rea... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review -

627d ago - Rachel of - "Like Papo & Yo, The Unfinished Swan ultimately ends up being (in part... | PS3

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Now - Drew puts on his straw hat for another wacky adventure. | Promoted post

The Unfinished Swan Review | thumbACTIVE

628d ago - The Unfinished Swan successfully transcribes the fresh memories of an orphan into the escapism of... | PS3

PSX Extreme - The Unfinished Swan Review

629d ago - PSX Extreme - I’m going to make this plain— Either you will appreciate The Unfinished Swan for pr... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review | ENE3

630d ago - ENE3: "The game takes us on a graphic adventure, giving us the feeling that we are reading a stor... | PS3

The Unfinished Swan Review by The Black Panel

630d ago - The Black Panel writes: There are two ways to look at Giant Sparrow’s PSN debut. You can dismiss... | PS3

CGM Reviews: Unfinished Swan

631d ago - Unfinished Swan is another one of those games that falls into the ambiguous but completely approp... | PS3
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The Unfinished Swan

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