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The Sims 4 Demo Impressions

326d ago ... Since its announcement in May of last year, I've been avidly looking forward to the launch of The Sims 4. As some may know, my history with The Sims dates back to the launch of the first game and my relationship with the franchise has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions. Between the greed of Electronic Arts and the crumbling of Maxis, which seems to have been rebuilt, for a while, I wasn't...

EA Support and Their Nonsense

950d ago ... † Warning: the following blog post contains a strong opinion and a minor rant. It should be taken light-heartedly. I don't tend to make a habit out of complaining about trivial occurrences, but lately I've found myself growing exhausted with Electronic Arts and their individual "professional support" team. I've had quite a few run-ins with issues stemming from multiple EA titles in which I n...

A Brief Insight into How EA Ruined The Sims

1117d ago ... It goes without saying that The Sims is one of the most popular and best selling computer games of all time, but it saddens me to finally admit that the franchise is falling and falling hard. In 2009, some time after The Sims 3 was released in the same year, I noticed a significant decline in quality. In the subsequent years leading up to the present, I noticed a vast increase in nonsensical oc...

EA = Best Publisher of 2011?

1592d ago ... Electronic Arts, in 2011, are amongst the best of the best. We can draw conclusions upon who will win GOTY but no other publisher has as many AAA games coming out this year except for Sony. I won't be focusing on Sony in this blog however. Firstly, look at the list of EA only games: Mass Effect 2 Bulletstorm Dead Space 2 Crysis 2 Darkspore Battlefield 3 Need For Speed Shift 2 EA Sp...

EA's "online passes"- is this a step too far?

1876d ago ... “Project Ten Dollar”, as it is affectionately known, was a way of curtailing the second hand market that we keep being told severely detriments a number of game companies and market shares. Such triple-A releases such as The Sims 3 and Mass Effect 2 have already featured a one-off code within new boxed copies that grants the bearer magical gifts in the usual form of a future DLC package- effect...
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