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The Showdown Effect Review at CalmDownTom

1064d ago - Remember when John Kimble from Kindergarten Cop was squaring off against Tang Lung from Way of Th... | PC

The Showdown Effect Review | Hardcore Gamer

1064d ago - In the end, The Showdown Effect tries hard to be a likable game, and while there are parts that a... | PC

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3djuegos- The Showdown Effect Review

1065d ago - 3D: A title that enters the eye with its crazy and frantic action, where as soon we will run into... | PC

The Showdown Effect Review | Gamereactor UK

1065d ago - GR-UK writes: "The Showdown Effect is all about taking down your opponents in style. It's a 2.5D... | PC

The Showdown Effect (A HalfBeard's HUD Review)

1066d ago - The Showdown Effect is Arrowhead Game Studio’s latest title which seeks to take every clichéd 90s... | PC

Denkiphile: The Showdown Effect Review

1066d ago - Paul from Denkiphile: "After weeks of beta testing, Arrowhead Game Studios’, creators of Magicka,... | PC

Eurogamer - The Showdown Effect Review

1066d ago - EG:It's a game bursting with promise, but one that needs balancing and tightening to reach its tr... | PC

Rockpapershotgun- The Showdown Effect Review

1067d ago - RPS;The Showdown Effect is both a departure and a continuation of the systems and world of Magick... | PC

The Showdown Effect Review - GamesReviews

1070d ago - From GamesReviews: "Action movies in the eighties were simple. There were two sides – good an... | PC

The Showdown Effect demo now available

1071d ago - Paradox Interactive has announced that a demo for their multiplayer action title The Showdown Eff... | PC

The Showdown Effect's Launch Event Goes Live On Twitch

1072d ago - Paradox Interactive is hosting an event for their newest title, The Showdown Effect, on their Twi... | PC

Yippee-Ki-Yay The Showdown Effect Shows Up in Stores Today

1072d ago - Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and an abuser of diplomatic immunity, today released Th... | PC

Games Out This Week in The UK, Starring Tomb Raider

1072d ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Games retail is an immensely busy place this week with two of the industry... | PC

The Showdown Effect (PC), Review | Den of Geek US

1072d ago - The Showdown Effect is a 2.5D platform, multiplayer fighting game that pits you against up to 8 p... | PC

The Showdown Effect crashes on to PC & Mac

1072d ago - Paradox Interactive released it's side scrolling action title on to PC and Mac. The official laun... | PC

We Help You Decide Which Game To Pick Up Today

1073d ago - sifts through the ton of releases that drop today, as probably the biggest date in 20... | PC

Coming to Stores: March 5th Edition

1073d ago - Don lists off the weekly releases for the week of March 5th, and gives his $0.04 on a few of them. | Nintendo DS

The Showdown Effect Review | New Gamer Nation

1073d ago - How does a man reclaim his family? How does he return to the present-day future? How does he aven... | PC

The Showdown Effect Preview – Yippee-ki-yay [Gamesta]

1075d ago - Daav from joins the online fight in The Showdown Effect. Fast-pased 2D action and exp... | PC

The Showdown Effect Preview + Gameplay Commentary [NoobFeed]

1076d ago - Daav from plays through a bunch of The Showdown Effect from Paradox Interactive and... | PC

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The Showdown Effect Le Ballet of Death Trailer

1077d ago - While the upcoming 2.5D action-combat multiplayer title from Arrowhead Game Studios is primarily... | PC

The Showdown Effect – Review | COIN-OP TV

1077d ago - Bringing together the gritty violence of summer blockbuster films with the frantic strategy of on... | PC

New Trailer Highlights the Majestic Beauty of The Showdown Effect

1077d ago - Paradox Interactive, a publisher that’s getting way too old for this, today released a new traile... | PC

Denkiphile: The Showdown Effect Preview

1084d ago - Paul from Denkiphile: "A competitive game and a party game; both of these easily define The Showd... | PC

The Showdown Effect: Games Don't Have to be Serious Business | Hardcore Gamer

1090d ago - In the end, The Showdown Effect is shaping up to be a fun brawler, mostly because the gameplay fe... | PC

The Showdown Effect

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