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At a Glance: Ironward Games

52d ago ... [b]Ironward Games[/b] is a small studio out of Croatia. After years of development and over 300 updates during Early Access on Steam, Ironward is finally releasing their first game, The Red Solstice, today. [b]The Red Solstice[/b] is an 8-player co-op game where you work together to survive against hordes of mutated creatures on Mars. With a major focus on team tactics, you select from 8 c...

An Interview with Hrvoje Horvatek

52d ago ... [i]Hrvoje Horvatek, CEO of Ironward, talks with Kyle Gaddo about their inspirations, moving from a mod to a full release game, what to expect in The Red Solstice, and the video game development scene in Croatia.[/i] [b]Kyle:[/b] First, a little about The Red Solstice—it's originally based on an old Warcraft III mod called “Night of the Living Dead.” What made you and the rest of the team at...

Win a Steam Code for The Red Solstice

52d ago ... Today we are giving away Steam codes for The Red Solstice. There's something a little special about them, though. You see, each code will allow you to gift a friend (or enemy, we won't judge) a copy of the game as well. Two for the price of nothing! [b]How to enter:[/b] 1. Comment on any and all of the stories we have running today from our IndieMonth account on Ironward Games! 2. You...
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