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What does Valve's partnership with Sony mean for the PS3?

1878d ago ... If you haven't been living under a rock for the past year, you would know that Valve and Sony weren't exactly on "speaking terms". This is mainly because Valve found themselves unable to create ports of their games to the PS3 system, and were rather outspoken about the console's "faults". Quoting from Gabe Newell, he stated that the PS3 was: "A waste of time", and "A disaster on many levels". H...

SPECIAL COMMENT: Valve, why do you hate the video game industry?

2603d ago ... Valve has done everything in its power to tell PS3 owners of the Orange Box, even after the people have spoken with their petition and an open letter, than they don't matter. Which begs the question: Why is Valve wanting to continue on this path of conducting industry terrorism, and why do they insist on continuing this behavior about a system that has proven to become anything but the words th...
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