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Sharpen Up for the World’s Smallest Triforce

41d ago - GamesRadar - Could this pencil carving be the smallest Triforce in existence? I’m, err… lead to b... | Culture

This Awesome Legend of Zelda-Themed 3DS Pouch Kit Now Available for Pre-Order at Gamestop

59d ago - For those Legend of Zelda fans looking for new like-themed gear for their 3DS, look no further th... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zelda Title Starring A Female Link

61d ago - During a special digital event at E3 2014, Nintendo debuted what would become one of the most tal... | Culture

Comparison of Japanese Zelda sales

92d ago - Check out a comparison of Zelda's Japanese sales since Majora's Mask launched. | GameCube

Link, Marth, Silent Hill Nurse Figurines Announced At Wonder Festival

104d ago - The Wonder Festival took place in Japan this past weekend, and as always the Good Smile Company a... | Culture

Fan Discovers Old Majora’s Mask Issue of Nintendo Power

112d ago - ZI: Ever wanted to take a look at how Zelda news was distributed 15 years ago? Well, you're in lu... | Retro

Artist Mashes Up Zelda And Final Fantasy Logos In Clever Ways

119d ago - GI: "An artist going by the name Shattered Earth has combined their love for Final Fantasy and Z... | Culture

Latest Wii U Infographic Reiterates New Zelda Headed to System in 2015

172d ago - The latest Wii U infographic has reiterated that the new Legend of Zelda title will indeed hit th... | Wii U

Death-Link: Artist Melds Zelda’s Link with Darksider’s Death

281d ago - Freelance artist Jaime Garcia has created a 3D digital render of The Legend of Zelda’s Link style... | Culture

Zelda Tattoo Covers This Woman's Entire Back

430d ago - There are Zelda fans, and then there are Zelda fans. Chrisaixa is a Zelda fan. | Culture

Legend of Zelda Series Art Tribute "Link's Friendlist"

455d ago - The Game-Art-HQ Community created a new Legend of Zelda Art Tribute by over 50 artists who illust... | GameCube

Artist Paints Incredible Realistic Renditions of Legend of Zelda Creatures

494d ago - Freelance artist Nate Hallinan creatures his own realisitic renditions of what some Legend of Zel... | GameCube

Photos of the Prima Zelda Box Set

533d ago - Check out some photos showing off the Zelda Box Set, including a quick size comparison and a phot... | Wii U

Photos of Prima’s Zelda Box Set

553d ago - Check out some photos showing off the Prima Zelda Box Set. | Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker stained glass wall decals

575d ago - Decorate your house with these amazing Legend of Zelda Wind Waker stained glass wall decals :D | GameCube

Call to Action: Pokemon, Halo, and Others Get Propaganda Art

583d ago - Aaron Wood is an Etsy shop owner with a knack for creating simplistically designed propaganda pos... | Culture

Link If He Were a Bodybuilder Plus Other Moody Zelda Art

596d ago - Any fan of The Legend of Zelda franchise will surely appreciate the geek art created by deviantAR... | Culture

May the Triforce be With You- A Link Cosplay

650d ago - Link has been around the block quiet a few times when it comes to being a hero and saving folks.... | Culture

Nintendo Art: Stylized Zelda and StarFox in Cartoon Form

652d ago - Lerms is a Mexican artist who has a passion for gaming, which he exemplifies with his artwork. Ba... | Culture

If The Legend of Zelda's Hero Appeared On More TV Shows...

653d ago - Kotaku: Then he'd probably look a bit like these renditions by TanBurn. The two above are, of cou... | Culture

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Twist-Tie Link Will Impress Your Friends

726d ago - JustJake54 has a rather interesting talent: creating figures out of Twist Ties. This time around... | Culture

Cosplay Wednesday – The Legend of Zelda’s Zelda

760d ago - Akuriko shows her love for The Legend of Zelda with her many Zelda cosplays! | Culture

Nintendo 2013 Line-Up: Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi, Zelda Games Screenshots, Concept Art + More

765d ago - GG3 posts all assets from the recent Nintendo 2013 line-up reveal. Plenty of big first party 3DS... | Wii U

Beautiful Zelda Wii U box art concept

770d ago - A beautiful fan-made concept art of a possible Wii U Zelda box art. | Wii U

These Zelda Inspired “PlayGirl” Covers Are Classic and… Creepy

772d ago - Zelda Informer: "Be warned that PlayGirl, for those unaware, is a popular Female oriented magazin... | Wii U
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