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Death-Link: Artist Melds Zelda’s Link with Darksider’s Death

6d ago - Freelance artist Jaime Garcia has created a 3D digital render of The Legend of Zelda’s Link style... | Culture

Zelda Tattoo Covers This Woman's Entire Back

154d ago - There are Zelda fans, and then there are Zelda fans. Chrisaixa is a Zelda fan. | Culture

Legend of Zelda Series Art Tribute "Link's Friendlist"

180d ago - The Game-Art-HQ Community created a new Legend of Zelda Art Tribute by over 50 artists who illust... | GameCube

Artist Paints Incredible Realistic Renditions of Legend of Zelda Creatures

219d ago - Freelance artist Nate Hallinan creatures his own realisitic renditions of what some Legend of Zel... | GameCube

Win a Titan One from N4G and ConsoleTuner!

Now - We're giving away three Titan Ones from ConsoleTuner (original inventors of the Cronus and CronusMAX)! The Titan One device makes modded controller... | Promoted post

Photos of the Prima Zelda Box Set

257d ago - Check out some photos showing off the Zelda Box Set, including a quick size comparison and a phot... | Wii U

Photos of Prima’s Zelda Box Set

278d ago - Check out some photos showing off the Prima Zelda Box Set. | Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker stained glass wall decals

299d ago - Decorate your house with these amazing Legend of Zelda Wind Waker stained glass wall decals :D | GameCube

Call to Action: Pokemon, Halo, and Others Get Propaganda Art

307d ago - Aaron Wood is an Etsy shop owner with a knack for creating simplistically designed propaganda pos... | Culture

Link If He Were a Bodybuilder Plus Other Moody Zelda Art

320d ago - Any fan of The Legend of Zelda franchise will surely appreciate the geek art created by deviantAR... | Culture

May the Triforce be With You- A Link Cosplay

374d ago - Link has been around the block quiet a few times when it comes to being a hero and saving folks.... | Culture

Nintendo Art: Stylized Zelda and StarFox in Cartoon Form

376d ago - Lerms is a Mexican artist who has a passion for gaming, which he exemplifies with his artwork. Ba... | Culture

If The Legend of Zelda's Hero Appeared On More TV Shows...

377d ago - Kotaku: Then he'd probably look a bit like these renditions by TanBurn. The two above are, of cou... | Culture

Twist-Tie Link Will Impress Your Friends

450d ago - JustJake54 has a rather interesting talent: creating figures out of Twist Ties. This time around... | Culture

Cosplay Wednesday – The Legend of Zelda’s Zelda

485d ago - Akuriko shows her love for The Legend of Zelda with her many Zelda cosplays! | Culture

Nintendo 2013 Line-Up: Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi, Zelda Games Screenshots, Concept Art + More

489d ago - GG3 posts all assets from the recent Nintendo 2013 line-up reveal. Plenty of big first party 3DS... | Wii U

Beautiful Zelda Wii U box art concept

495d ago - A beautiful fan-made concept art of a possible Wii U Zelda box art. | Wii U

These Zelda Inspired “PlayGirl” Covers Are Classic and… Creepy

497d ago - Zelda Informer: "Be warned that PlayGirl, for those unaware, is a popular Female oriented magazin... | Wii U

So The Wii U’s Touchscreen Can Do Amazing Zelda Sketches

554d ago - Kotaku: As you've seen in our regular Miiverse Moments feature, Nintendo's online community is a... | Wii U

Your Favorite Zelda Game Could Have Looked Like THIS

570d ago - Kotaku: Flipping through the Hyrule Historia book (which you can finally get in English) makes yo... | GameCube

Hyrule Historia Launch Gallery

571d ago - Yesterday Super PolyPixel took the long grueling trip from New Jersey to New York just to get our... | GameCube

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New Meme From Zelda Enthusiasts: Dancing ‘Ganon’ Style

688d ago - Some creative Zelda enthusiasts are starting to create original artwork depicting characters from... | Wii

Bowser vs Gannon

700d ago - Video game antagonists have an obsession with princesses. Exactly why they choose to pursue, capt... | GameCube

A Persian Legend of Zelda? Sure, Why Not.

734d ago - Kotaku - Artist Lenqi imagines a classic Persian take on The Legend of Zelda. It deserves a round... | Culture

Custom Legend of Zelda Trainers anyone?

763d ago - People who know me well, know that I'm a dirty little Legend of Zelda fan boy. The pure unbridled... | GameCube

There Are No More Heroes When Cosplay is This Amazing

788d ago - Hey, whaddya know, it's cosplay superstar Omi Gibson, kicking this week's round-up off with some... | PS2
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