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Which Zelda Character Do You Hate the Most?

27d ago - ZI: "The Zelda series has quite a selection of likable characters; players don't have to search f... | Culture

Will we ever see a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda?

27d ago - NE: With the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, it makes me wonder: will w... | Wii U

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Freaky Fashion: Black/Blue or White/Gold Dress of Gaming

28d ago - The internet has gone wild over a freaky dress that no one can agree on. Come check out some of t... | Culture

GameStop Italy Stores Listing Zelda Wii U With A Spring Release Date

28d ago - Perhaps GameStop Italy are privy to more information than the rest of us as they have started adv... | Wii U

Here’s the Custom Zelda Themed GameCube of Our Dreams

28d ago - Pimp My Retro are known for their custom consoles, but they've gone above and beyond in their lat... | GameCube

Why I am addicted to: The Legend of Zelda Series

35d ago - The Edge: "The first stage of getting over a problem is to admit that you have one. I was into to... | GameCube

Comparison of Japanese Zelda sales

35d ago - Check out a comparison of Zelda's Japanese sales since Majora's Mask launched. | GameCube

Nintendo vs Metacritic Rant, New Zelda Wii U Details, Nintendo Wants 3rd Parties - WiR 2/21/15

35d ago - Is Nintendo's promotion of Metacritic a bad thing? What's the open world in Zelda for Wii U going... | Wii U

Cast Wishlist for the Zelda TV Show

36d ago - IGN: "Netflix is potentially making a TV show based on the Zelda series. Here's who we want to se... | Culture

15 Sidekicks Who Deserve their Own Game

36d ago - GamesRadar - Complain though we might about the pains of sequelitis (seriously Assassin's Creed,... | Culture

12 Things That Would Make Netflix's Live-action Zelda Show Amazing

38d ago - GamesRadar - If you haven't heard the exciting rumors, Netflix is supposedly working on a live-ac... | Culture

The Legend of Zelda is being made in Minecraft

39d ago - Ever wanted to replay the original Legend of Zelda in first person? Well, you can, in Minecraft t... | PC

How A Zelda Dungeon Is Made

39d ago - Eiji Aonuma has overseen the development of many of the major Zelda games, from Majora's Mask to... | Industry

5 Real Problems Netflix Will Have With the Zelda TV Series

40d ago - In case you missed the news, Netflix is set to make an original television series out of The Lege... | Culture

5 Legend of Zelda Fan Theories That Make the Games Even Better

40d ago - The Legend of Zelda is one of the longest-running game series of all time. As a result of this, f... | GameCube

Aonuma Says Retirement is Not Too Far Off, Considering Successor

41d ago - ZI: Eiji Aonuma has acted as the producer of 10 Zelda titles, the director of four Zelda titles,... | Wii U

Aonuma: Zelda has "as large a world as can be realised" on Wii U

41d ago - In the latest issue of Gamereactor Magazine - out in stores today - we have an interview with Leg... | Wii U

Ranking the 16 Legend of Zelda games from worst to best

42d ago - Digital Spy: With the remake of N64's Majora's Mask hitting 3DS this week, we thought it would b... | GameCube

Top 5 Legend of Zelda Games

42d ago - 411mania: "This week, in honor of Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D coming out, we do the Top 5 Le... | GameCube

Are Parents Important For A Hero?

43d ago - ZD writes: Throughout the Legend Of Zelda franchise, we have seen many back stories regarding Lin... | Culture

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Should Zelda Keep the Same Combat Style Forever?

44d ago - ZD writes: Zelda has evolved in several ways over the years, but something that remained rather s... | Culture

The Legend of Zelda: Ranking the Games

44d ago - Den of Geek found the mythical Triforce and ranked every single major Legend of Zelda game since... | GameCube

Top 5 Most Satisfying Legend of Zelda Endings

44d ago - ZD writes: "Sadly, all Zelda games must end. However sad it is to see the last of your favorite Z... | GameCube

How Effective are Zelda Symbols for Brand Recognition?

44d ago - ZD writes: The triforce is an incredibly simple icon, just three triangles; it can be scribbled a... | Culture

The Legend Of Zelda New 3DS Faceplates Revealed, Launching In Japan This April

46d ago - Explosion:" Two New 3DS faceplate has been revealed today by Nintendo, a faceplate based on one o... | 3DS

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