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User Review : The Last Of Us

  • Well Written Story
  • Phenomenal Visuals
  • Great Gameplay and Sounds
  • A Bit Lacking MP Portion

Protect or Abandon?

Naughty Dog developers have created many games across generations. Their first masterpiece was the beloved Crash the Bandicoot for the first Playstation. When Playstation 2 arrived, Naughty Dog didn't give up and created Jak and Daxter series (Technically Jak but who can't love that otter-weasel hybrid?). They didn't stop as they have created the gem that is Uncharted series for the current generation's Playstation 3. Now, they have released The Last of Us and if you think that they won't stop making such masterpieces then you are wrong.


The Last of Us is a survival-horror, and action-adventure video game that was set in a post apocalyptic United States thanks to a certain outbreak that happened twenty years before the game started. If you think it is just another "Raccoon City Incident" then it isn't really like that. Raccoon City Incident was thanks to a biochemical virus while in the Last of Us, it was unknown how the infection came to be but it was definitely related to fungi which we didn't see ever in video games.


You are playing as Joel, a broken man who lived to tell the story in the infected world ever since the outbreak started. He is the protagonist who you can tell from the first glance that he lost everything he cared about, and that is a fact. He met Tess and became partners with her thanks to their smuggling business in many places including Boston. They were just supposed to continue their shady business until they met Marlene who asked them to smuggle a young girl called Ellie, the main spotlight of the game, to the group guessed it! The Fireflies. They accepted since Marlene offered them to get their weapons back if they succeeded...and they had no idea what they were supposed to expect in their journey.

No matter how simple this summary for the story tells you, it is much more than that but I can't say those points since they are spoilers. Trust me, even the prologue of the game is a spoiler.

I have loved Joel's character and his development throughout the game, and in the end, you will ask yourself if Joel was a good man or not. That's what I love about in this game, and that is everyone is covered in shades of grey, not black nor white. You can't find a saint and at the same time, you can't find a devil. Ever single character has his or her own beliefs, and conflicts. They are survivors after all, and they will do whatever it takes to survive. Joel, himself, is like that.


This is the fun part. Naughty Dog changed from the over the top action from the Uncharted series, and turned to stealth mechanics. If you ever played Uncharted series, you will feel at home but at the same time, you feel that it isn't the same. Confusing I know but it is a fact as I started playing the game.

The game has you focused on hiding behind the enemies' line of sight while trying to distract them with bottles or bricks to pass right through them like wet soap, or just kill them one by one quietly. There is also an element to explore the world to find supplies, which are scarce in the game so make sure to scrutinize every single detail of the level if you are planning to complete the game in the hardest difficulty.

The hand to hand combat has been revamped in this game too. If you are fighting an enemy up close and personal in a non-scripted event, feel free to do whatever you want with the poor sob. It isn't some kind of "quick time event" like in Uncharted series but ever more fluid and exciting. For example, if you are near a table as you kept giving jabs to a looter, you can crash his thick forehead right to the edge of that table as he got killed from the impact with blood all over the table. Violence is strong and bloody in this game.


If you ever thought that Naughty Dog won't improve the visuals in their games for the Playstation 3 ever since Uncharted 3's sand, then you are totally wrong. The visuals of this game are phenomenal as the Playstation 3 is nearing to its end for the current generation. The green trees, and overgrown grasses look beautiful with their natural color as the vegetation got overgrown in United States thanks to the infection. The characters look well detailed too as you look at Joel's beard until the enemies' corpses as they either got shot many times, or their limbs get splattered thanks to a nearby nail bomb. You would be surprised how Naughty Dog managed to make all of this possible in Sony's Playstation 3.


The soundtrack of this game was magnificent to hear as you explore in your journey, and the music changes once you are in a certain situation like if you are in a fight. The voice acting was well done too as Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) made a great job portraying their respective characters, especially Troy as he managed to make Joel sound as a broken man because of his haunted past. Ashley did a good job too but I felt that she could have done better as Ellie. Don't get me wrong, I love Ellie's voice and character but she could have been much more. Maybe I am asking too much but I kind of felt like that towards her.

The sounds of this game from the footsteps of the nearby enemies until the "clicks" from the enemies known as the Clickers were just making you sit on the edge of your seat as you pray that they won't find your hiding spot. Listening Mode can help you escape but if you are playing on the Survivor mode, you have to depend on the quietest of the sounds, which is just satisfying if you succeeded.


I was surprised how fun the multiplayer portion was. It looks like Naughty Dog managed to make the MP portion not to be like Uncharted's MP. Sadly, it wasn't that captivating for me to get back and play it again. It was good and all but I found it...lacking for a bit there. I am sure that Naughty Dog could have done more than that so I hope that they keep updating and add new content like game modes so I can play the multiplayer portion again and not let my survivors die.


The game's story was extremely well written but you could complain that the ending was kind of abrupt but after some time, you will love it. The revamp for the combat system worked very well in this game. The music, voice acting, and the sounds were just incredible. Finally, the visuals were just phenomenal thanks to Naughty Dog's magic tricks with the Playstation 3. The only criticism I have was the multiplayer since it was kind of lacking but it is just a minor problem as I didn't find any bugs and glitches during my play through with the game.

I would say if you have, or planning to have a PS3, don't hesitate to buy The Last of Us. It is worth every single penny from your wallet as Naughty Dog deserves every single on of them. Just buy it and enjoy killing Clickers in your journey.

The vegetation, the models, and the corpses were just extremely well detailed for the final days of the PS3.
The sounds, the music, and the acting were just incredible. Ashley could have done more for Ellie but maybe I am just asking way too much.
The stealth, the shooting, and the combat were making you sit on the edge of your seat but at the same time, it is fun if you are doing it in the right way.
Fun Factor
The game is fun if you know what are you doing but if you aren't much of a stealthy person, you would die many times and it would frustrate you. You could replay it but I would only play one time normal then Survivor, that's it. I am not playing MP that much either.
The multiplayer portion was fun but I found it a bit lacking as I didn't come back again to play that portion. I hope that Naughty Dog would add new and interesting content that could get me back.
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Ezz20131717d ago

that was great review
will love to read more in the future

FogLight1717d ago

Thank you for the comment :D

I think the next review would be for GTA V but I don't know yet :/

Ezz20131717d ago

i can't wait for it i hope it's more of GTASA and RDR
those were the only games i loved from R*

FogLight1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

GTA SA and RDR are also one of my favorite R* games currently. Max Payne 3 was great too but it didn't have that dark and gritty story as Remedy's Max Payne 1 and 2 but at least they tried though, the story wasn't bad at all but it was really good.

If they are doing what they did on GTA SA for GTA V then I am sure it will be one of the best games (Maybe the best) in this current generation :D

Ezz20131717d ago

glad we share the same taste in games
you are right too about
Max payne 3 was good game but didn't really get to the level of MP 1 and 2

as for GTA5
let's hope you are right
but i don't think it will be easy to knock off the last of us as game of the gen for me

at the end though we got to of the best games this gen

FogLight1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

One thing for sure though, The Last of Us and GTA V will have a brutal fight to death for the game of the year if GTA V doesn't disappoint.

Joel and Ellie against Michael, Trevor, and Franklin... Interesting fight indeed ;)

ainsz1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Callus vs Chop?

Anyway, nice review! Although your grammar was off a few times.

FogLight1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Thanks ainsz! You are right about Callus and Chop though. Who will be the last standing animal for 2013? Stay tuned for VGA 2013! ;D

Sorry about grammar though since it is kind of my first review here but thanks for giving the criticism though. I kind of need it if I can get better ;)

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sonarus1708d ago

I bought this game on launch day and just finished it last week. The beginning was pretty fukin slow and i thought i hated it at first. With continuous pestering from a friend of mine i finally decided to try to get the game done. I had previously stopped when you first discover the truth about Ellie so i was still quite early on in the game. By the end of the game though i was completely blown away. This is without a doubt one of the greatest games i've ever played and i honestly haven't felt as impressed by a game since i first played MGS4 on PS3 way back when it first came out.

With the success of last of us i want naughty dog to continue focus on new ips as opposed to just uncharted games and last of us sequels especially on the ps4

pixelsword1707d ago

I went through it and I thought the graphics were top notch, but the story wasn't all that to me, but to each his/her own.

FogLight1707d ago

I am sorry to hear that but like you said, to each his/her own opinion :)

Maybe you found the ending a bit abrupt if you think like that, then I can understand that too. I thought like that as I finished the game but as the time passed, I loved it.

Thanks for the comment :)

pixelsword1706d ago

Thanks for not blasting me for having a different opinion.


Picnic1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Uncharted 3's sand! That was a glorified cut scene push the stick section. It didn't make me like sand sections.
They always show it in relation to the game because it makes it look mysterious but the actual section is just as tiresome as trekking through a desert.

Austin481694d ago

great review thumbs up to you fogknight22 i agree with you on this review i just love this game hopefully we see a sequal in the future mayby ps4:)