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Reviewing: The Last Of Us
My opinionated review of The Last Of Us.
The Last of Us, a game that by its very name speaks misfortune. Such is the life of the characters in this game. You follow the tales of Joel; a man who has lost everything and has stopped caring about anything in life and has done some horrible things, yet who I sympathize with because if it were me that all that had happened to, I would be a sadistic bastard myself. He has made tough choices and does terrible, selfish things. But I can't blame him. He's lost everything. It's what I'd do. And Ellie; a young girl, immune to the infected and the only hope for mankind, who has a very cheery and upbeat attitude compared to all the desolation and despair around her. She constantly takes interest in the world around her, reading magazines, making jokes, trying to look on the bright side of life even when the light is so far away. She is an extremely like able character and you can't help but hope that everything will be alright, for her sake. The story is gripping and engaging, heart wrenching and sickening. It makes you think, something a lot of games abjectly fail to do. It has one of the best intros to a game I have played and a fantastic build up to an ending that even though I saw coming, still gives me chills.

The shooting mechanics are nice and realistic to me, Joel isn't a trained professional, or a seasoned veteran, he's just an old man trying to survive. His aim reticule sways quite a bit at first but there is a way of lessening it. The cover system is automatic, simply crouch behind something and there you go. Behind cover you are, you can blind fire or pop up and shoot. Not difficult to control but not holding your hand either. The upgrade system is also very nice. You upgrade by finding pills hidden throughout the game. It forces you to decide carefully, do you want more health? Or do you want to be able to stop that clicker from killing you, stop your aim from swaying so much or do you want to craft faster? The choices are slim, but highly valuable.

You also have the option of upgrading your weapons as you go along by finding workbenches, illuminated by a desk lamp, they give you plenty of options for upgrading your weapons and same as with the skill upgrades, choosing what to upgrade on your weapons can be crucial as well. You have to find scrap parts, also hidden throughout the world, not as well hidden as pills but if you search hard enough you find higher amounts of parts.

Surviving in this beautifully detailed wasteland is a chore, but, if you do it right, not an impossible one. They have a very good and easy to use crafting sytem. You can't pause this game when you do stuff like craft, heal, change weapons and all that. So it makes the tensions a lot higher. You can make shivs, molotov cocktails, smoke bombs, grenades, and first aid kits. Finding materials becomes more and more scarce as the difficulty goes up and as you reach survival mode, you search every corner, nook and cranny for that alcohol, tape, scissors, etc. you can also upgrade your equipment through training manuals found throughout the game to make your shivs last longer, bombs do more damage, and healing kits heal more health.

The enemy AI in this game is wonderful to me. They flank you, distract you, and generally act how I believe someone trying to kill you would act. As for the partner AI, I saw no trouble. People complained how they would talk near enemies or leap out in front of them and the enemies would look right past them. But I think it was done on purpose. AI can't be perfect. Errors happen. So Naughty Dog made it to where they wouldn't be noticed as easy. I've read reviews about people complaining how Tess, who would shoot before they had a chance to sneak, but I never had that problem. I think the AI works just fine. And when you are hiding behind cover and you cover Ellie with your arms, wonderful. The little things matter.

As for the Infected, damn. I'd rather face any of the people over the infected. Ruthless and tough to kill. You have 4 types of infected, you have your regular runners, who when they see or hear you, scream and run at you, alerting every other infected within a 500 mile radius it seems. You have the stalkers, who are somewhat like the runners. For me it was hard to tell the difference what with me panicking and all, but the stalkers seem to be better at detecting you than runners and also seem to have tactics when it comes to trying to kill you, they'll strafe and take cover and be smart about trying to eat you. You have your clickers, they are blind but have fantastic hearing and are almost impossibe to kill early on in the game if they hear you. You can mostly only kill them with a shiv, choking is not an option. Guns work too but not as well, as they are super fast and when they get a hold of you, they rip out your throat. Although, you can upgrade to stop them from doing so later in the game. And then lastly you have the rarest of infected, the bloaters. They are big, fat, strong and tough to kill. They have armor, long range attacks and an instant and unblockable grab. Luckily, there aren't very many throughout the game. But, they are not easy to avoid. All I can say is, good luck.

There are a few downsides to this game, though slight, compared to the grander of the game. I know I said I didn't have an issue with the partner AI but it does break from immersion when you see Ellie standing a few feet away from a clicker or yelling something at Joel while there is a gun wielding madman right behind her an neither of them do anything about it. It would also be nicer if there was a wider range of enemies to fight. It does get slightly repetitive seeing the same enemy over and over again.

As for the graphics, the best I have seen this generation so far. The details on the faces, backgrounds and everything else is amazing. The voice acting is also outstanding, some of the best I have ever heard in a game. The characters really bring this game to life and help you become a part of the world by being so outstanding. The music is beautiful yet subtle, it brings the tension without being too loud or in the way, it accents sad or touching moments without being too overbearing and the sounds help make the world breath. The sound of infected a few feet away from you, the crunch of dirt beneath an enemies foot as he draws ever closer to his death, the sounds of the struggling enemies as they draw their last breath, the gurgle of a man you just stabbed in the throat, really stop and make you feel bad, and make you realize you just took the life of a man, no more hard done out than yourself, just trying to survive another day..
Not very many enemies
Partner AI could use some work
Fun factor
Online I never played online sadly. So I can't give it a rating.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
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Ultr  +   344d ago
The game is wonderful.
I totally love it when Joel covers Elllie while in Cover.... Thats so beautiful :D
Its great to See how others experience this game

You should play the Multtiplayer as its One of the best I have played andd many others say so!
DigitalRaptor  +   340d ago
I was really taken aback by that too. It's just a nice touch, something I've only really seen a developer like Naughty Dog do. It really sells the task Joel has taken on.
LoveOfTheGame  +   344d ago
I agree with both statements above, less to the fanboy comment. Multiplayer is a surprisingly fun and well put together experience and should really be played to see there is more to the game than just single player.

Giving it a 10 kinda made me think off the bat that there was a little bias for the game, but not fanboy. 10 means their should be no Downs/Cons in the review at all. The partner A.I. and in some cases the enemy AI are flawed to a point where it breaks immersion and should be counted against the game.

That being said, I agree it is one of the better games this generation and should be given a 9-9.5 depending on how hard you want to fault them.

All in all, good review but a little to nice on score and judging A.I.
Well, I didn't really feel taking it down just because the AI was a little off sometimes. I never had too much problem with it. I felt it would have been nitpicky. I really enjoyed the game.

I really wish I could do online but I don't have the game anymore. I had rented it from redbox because I had a free rental and really wanted to play it. I was only going to keep it for a day or two because I don really have a lot of money. I ended up keeping it for 10 days and spending way more than I wanted to on it. Lol.
MattyG  +   344d ago
A 10 doesn't necessarily mean no flaws, otherwise the 10 would be a useless score. It just mean that the game is so amazing that tiny flaws can be overlooked.
LoveOfTheGame  +   344d ago
I know my view of a 10 is a little harsher than most peoples, but the AI was not a tiny flaw. Tiny flaws are ones that can be looked over as a rare bug or not immersion breaking. The small bugs the game had or even the once in a while screen tearing/texture pop in are minute enough to pass over.

But the flaws in the AI are prevalent enough to cause the game to lose its focus. When Ellie can walk into a clicker several times, finally get into cover behind me, and then push me out of cover to get killed by said clicker it becomes a problem.
MattyG  +   344d ago
Ahh I see. That only happened to me a couple of times, and it was always something minor like me thinking a guard should have seen Ellie because she took too long getting into cover, so it didn't really detract from the game that much for me. I never saw her run directly into enemies, but I'm sure it does happen. Still don't know if I'd give it a 10 though, that's a tough call.
I never really had those problems. Ellie never got me killed once or stood out in the open for more than a few seconds. The talking when an enemie was just a few feet away was a little off though. But it never entirely broke immersion for me. The Story itself is what really gets me. The promise is used over and over but the story is its own and I enjoyed it.
CommonSense  +   332d ago
All reviews are opinionated, and yours is just a dime-a-dozen joke review.

Thanks for providing us with nothing new 2 months after the game is launched.

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