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The Last Of Us Previews  

The Last of Us Remastered Preview - VideoGamer Portugal

565d ago - "We played one of the current most antecipated PS4 exclusive." | PS4

GameSpot - The Last of Us: Final DLC - New Map Impressions and Tactics

640d ago - Chris Watters shares the best strategies to survive and dominate in The Last of Us' four new mult... | PS3

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IGN: Going Hands-On With The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind

731d ago - Colin Moriarty has played The Last of Us upcoming single-player DLC entitled Left Behind, and in... | PS3

IGN - Playing The Last of Us on Vita with Playstation Now

761d ago - IGN - See how PlayStation Now's game streaming performs on a PSVita. | PS3

PlayStation Now hands-on: you'll never think of gaming the same way again | TheVerge

762d ago - The Verge: Sony has finally spilled the details on its Gaikai-powered streaming service PlayStati... | PS3

The Last of Us: Abandoned Territories DLC Impressions | SpawnFirst

824d ago - SpawnFirst's Scott Baker writes "In the years to come TLoU may not be remembered for its multipla... | PS3

Behold The Last of Us’ Four New Multiplayer Maps | IGN

847d ago - The Last of Us is a masterpiece, but its most understated – and perhaps even underrated – aspect... | PS3

GameNtrain's Strong Or Weak For The Week: The Last Of Us, FireBurst

967d ago - I hope you’ve all had a great week so far! So much excitement has been going on with E3, the new... | PC

The Last Of Us Demo Impressions | Gamer Horizon

976d ago - It’s a good taste of the game, and very atmospheric, but it’s agonizingly short. | PS3

Preview: First Look at The Last of Us’s Early Access Demo | Gamers Association

979d ago - Not capable of waiting another 10 days for the full experience, Gamers Association editor Cameron... | PS3

Demo’d: The Last of Us | Thunderbolt

979d ago - Richard Wakeling, Thunderbolt writes: The post-apocalypse, the undead and an engaging relationsh... | PS3

The Last of Us Hands-on - Worlds Factory

979d ago - A preview based on the demo reserved to GoW: Ascension owners. | PS3

The Last of Us Demo Impresions | IRB GAMER

979d ago - IRB Gamer: "Naughty Dog is no stranger when it comes to making intense, action-packed games, but... | PS3

The Last of Us Hands On Preview | The Controller Online

979d ago - Adam from The Controller Online writes: "After a lull in current generation Survival Horror title... | PS3

The Last of Us - Preview | VideoGamesUncovered

979d ago - VGU had the opportunity to attend an event held for The Last of Us. We had the chance to play som... | PS3

Preview: The Last of Us I Expansive

979d ago - It’s easy to assume that The Last of Us is just another stab at the survival horror genre. Yet it... | PS3

GameNGuide Review - The Last of Us Demo

979d ago - The demo for the PS3 exclusive The Last of Us shows exactly why so many are so anticipating this... | PS3

GameInformer: The Last Of Us Multiplayer Preview

980d ago - Recently, GameInformer had a chance to speak with The Last of Us lead multiplayer designer Erin D... | PS3

The Last Of Us Multiplayer Hands-On | VideoGamer

980d ago - VideoGamer: "There has been a lot of buzz about The Last of Us multiplayer. From grand statements... | PS3

The Last of Us multiplayer preview: survival games | ShackNews

980d ago - By Andrew Yoon Ever since The Last of Us was revealed, Naughty Dog has promised that its upcom... | PS3

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The Last Of Us PS3 multiplayer preview: hands-on with Naughty Dog’s brutal doomsday deathmatches OPM

980d ago - OPM Going hands-on with the mysterious multiplayer in The Last Of Us. Warning: may contain 2×4 ex... | PS3

The Last of Us Multiplayer Impressions - PSLS

980d ago - PSLS: For a game with as much hype and as big a spotlight shining on it as The Last of Us, it’s i... | PS3

First Impressions: Is The Last of Us' Multiplayer Mode Worth Surviving? - Push Square

980d ago - Push Square: "Those lamenting the shock execution of Zipper Interactive last March will find a lo... | PS3

The Last Of Us’ Multiplayer Modes Played And Tested | TheSixthaxiS

980d ago - While most of the emphasis on The Last Of Us has so far been squarely aimed at the game’s single... | PS3

Digital Foundry vs. The Last of Us demo

980d ago - Digital Foundry provides an analysis of their first hands-on with Naughty Dog's final PS3 game.... | PS3
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The Last Of Us

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